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La serie The Secret Circle (Le Cercle secret) a malheureusement ete annulee par la chaine The CW cette semaine apres une finale incroyable, mais le producteur executif de l’emission, Andrew Miller,  a quand meme devoile ses plans pour une hypothetique deuxieme saison de sa serie. Je suis traductrice et redactrice d'articles dans les domaines de la television et du cinema. Tres creatif, ce dernier episode s’est termine sur une ouverture incroyable laissant place a plusieurs suites fascinantes.
Phoebe Tonkin a demande a Miller de donner a Faye un petit cote «Matilda» a la finale, ce qui explique pourquoi elle a fete avec Melissa, mais a la television, on ne peut pas feter longtemps. En se battant contre les tenebres, Adam a reussi, assez etrangement, a les accueillir en lui. It might not have seemed like such a dramatic turnaround if Blackwell had slowly wormed his way into her life. Then again, most TV shows count on cliffhangers and overly stimulating plots to bring in viewers, so I also understand why that might not have been possible.Cassie Blake might have been the main character of the show, but my interest was always in Faye Chamberlain, played by Phoebe Tonkin. Il etait comme le garcon chetif a la plage se faisant lancer du sable par les gros bras, qui s’evade avec ses bandes dessinees avec beaucoup de muscles afin de ne pas avoir a vivre ca a nouveau. Nous allons constater que cet objectif de boucler le cercle n’est pas aussi facile que Blackwell le croit.

She loved her best friend Melissa, even if she didn’t show it with hugs and BFF necklaces. When Jake returns to town, we also see a different side of Faye – the spurned and dumped. Despite her hard exterior, Faye does have the soft and squishy insides of a young woman who just wants love, happiness, and independence, and that makes her particularly endearing. For me, it overshadowed the stories that I enjoyed most, which were the earlier episodes of the witchy teens in their everyday lives. The cast was fun and engaging and, unlike most shows nowadays, the parents were interesting in their own right (hell, even the grandparents!).What would have happened with our beloved Circle? In my imagination I see Cassie and Adam back together, keeping each other from falling into dark magic. And the show would have done even better if the new episodes were more consistent and fans werent getting confused!I hope the CW also took into account the other television stations that televised the show as it showed on at least 3 television stations in my area!Sign the petitions online, we cant give up! They must reconsider.  Im prepared to send them one million crystals to the head office if itll get the show back!
The petitions that I found in my search were all from before the show was officially cancelled.

I hope another network picks it up and continues it or the CW reconsiders and gives it one more season.
The characters were great (loved Faye and her one-liners!) there was a good amount of drama and suspense. I’m not looking forward to anything the CW is putting out this fall and surprised shows like Hart of Dixie lasted. The CW better hope that ABC Family or SyFy pick it up because I know plenty of people who ain’t ever watching CW again.
I grew up with Buffy and they only thing that filled that void was Charmed, but nothing after that until The Secret Circle…. They should at least do one more season n leave and actually end it whether its a happy ending Adam n Cassie get back together etc or they all loose their powers n Cassie moves far away to keep everyone safe. The way they ended the show they left it open to come back n obviously the fans r waiting for a come back.

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the secret circle season 2 on abc family

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