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Michael ColladoMike's a television junkie located in Miami, where he spends all of his time watching TV with his best friends couch and cable access. You have almost convinced me to give Ringer another try…I got bored with it after the first few episodes, but maybe I should have watched it for a bit longer.
IDK, I really liked Ringer from maybe the fourth episode when I declared it my favorite of the season. If they have to choose one of the freshman series on the CW , I’m sure and I hope , they will choose Secret Circle. But you have to think about the Pilots , the chance of canceling all the freshman series on the cw is really there. My children were searching for a form a few weeks ago and discovered an online service with a lot of fillable forms . You can try to debate that with me, but you won’t be able to change my mind, or even curb my opinion.
Well, let me introduce you to Ringer, the other show about an Upper East Side fraud that has perfected the balance between which stories to burn through and which ones it should let simmer.

Perhaps Sarah Michelle Gellar can give this series a bit more to back it up, but if we’re going strictly on ratings, we should have been saying goodbye to this show some time back. Revenge is just the best thing that has happened to me this season and I’m liking TCC a lot. I really think the story would have been better told if Ontari didn't become one of Alie's puppets. With its sudsy and addictive twists, the ability to create characters everyone cares about, and a plot that has me still guessing what’s coming next — I need for the showrunners to have the chance to continue telling their story, preferably with a season 2 renewal.
Now, of course, there are non-freshman series I want to come back… and I’ll be making a post about those at a later time.
That, and plenty of insider information given to actual television journalists says it will be back. And in the last couple of episodes, Ringer may have shifted from bad on paper to absolutely amazing. The beginning of OUAT and Revenge was fabulous, but I think both shows lost a bit of their touch.

Anyway, every episode of The Secret Circle is more or less the same: Cassie is in danger, everyone tries to protect her, she almost dies, roll credits. But there’s something about this show that has me tuning in week after week wanting more. The suspense is really well done, the cast has great chemistry, and, disagree if you must, but the acting is all very good too.
Are you happy now that I find Once Upon a Time boring so that The Curse won’t get it?

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the secret circle season 2 renewal abc family

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