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That said, getting an ebook out the door is hard.  Who knew there was content editing, copy editing, ebook formatting, book design, web design and video editing all to think about when really you just wanted to slap a link to a pdf out into the world wide web? Different ebook formats needed for the Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc are technically intimidating and confusing.  And I’m a programmer for goodness sakes! That said, sometimes it’s just not worth the cost-saving and leaving it to the professionals is worth every red cent. When you say, publishing an ebook is really expensive, are you referring to the costs of hiring an editor, book cover designer, etc.?

I just started an editing business, and like you, am working on an ebook — as well as offering to help clients go from MS Word to Kindle.
Part of the 'Penguin Active Reading' series, this book provides a range of integrated activities designed to develop reading skills and consolidate vocabulary, and offers personalised project work.
Download David Rockefeller - The Secret Worldleader: Council on Foreign Relations - Trilateral Commission - Bilderberger ebook - Website of manualmoda!
Worldleader: Council on Foreign Relations a€“ Trilateral Commission a€“ Bilderberger Illuminati Members A» david-rockefeller The Council on Foreign Relations ' David Rockefeller Studies.

But e-book royalties (either 35% or 70% for the Kindle) are much higher for authors on the back end than they are for authors who go the traditional route (typically, a graduated scale starting at 8% or 10%).

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the secret ebook for iphone

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