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The Beguiling, The Friends of the Merril Collection, and Random House Canada, are proud to present author Jill Lepore, who will discuss her new book, The Secret History of Wonder Woman in Toronto! The Secret History of Wonder Woman, by Jill Lepore, is currently available for purchase in-store at The Beguiling. Jill Lepore is the David Woods Kemper ’41 Professor of American History at Harvard University and a staff writer at The New Yorker. Harvard historian and New Yorker staff writer Jill Lepore has uncovered an astonishing trove of documents, including the never-before-seen private papers of William Moulton Marston, Wonder Woman’s creator. The Secret History of Wonder Woman is a tour de force of intellectual and cultural history. If you’re going into THE SECRET HISTORY OF WONDER WOMAN expecting a major discourse on some secret comic book origin story of the Amazon princess, you are definitely looking in the wrong direction.
THE SECRET HISTORY OF WONDER WOMAN (DC Comics editorial meeting, 1942, with William Moulton Marston.
As the turbulent sixties were coming to an enlightened end, Kanigher finally relinquished his hold on Wonder Woman in 1968 and Diana relinquished her powers to become a mortal woman, working as a secret agent to clear Steve Trevor of a bogus murder charge. Charity DriveIn 2014, Geek-A-Long participants helped us raise $3,440 for Child's Play Charity! The lives of Arab women found a voice in Assia Djebar’s work, which included novels, poetry and plays. Levine was known for his poetry on the lives of the working class, capturing their experiences with vibrancy and understanding. In Smithsonian, Jill Lepore, author of The Secret History of Wonder Woman, profiles everyone's favorite Amazonian princess. Amelie Lamont, a former staffer at website-hosting startup Squarespace, writes that she often found herself disregarded and disrespected by her colleagues. In this episode of the Flash Forward podcast we travel to a future where humans have decided to eradicate the most dangerous animal on the planet: mosquitos. Jared Sinclair developed the RSS reader app Unread, which made $10,000 in its first 24 hours on the iOS market. And we’ve all heard the story of Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen, whose creation was reportedly earning $50,000 a day at the height of its 2013 explosion.
If you or your company’s IT system are besieged by black hat cyber attacks, an ethical hacker might be all that stands between crippling damage and a company’s long-term prosperity. Your laptop and mobile devices are top of the line…so why are you trotting out that raggedy decades-old suitcase when you go somewhere?

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Brilliantly excerpted in The New Yorker, the book is already a must-read for fans of the character as superhero, as feminist icon, and as a gateway to the social mores of the early 20th century. Aside from Superman and Batman, no superhero has lasted as long or commanded so vast and wildly passionate a following. Beginning in his undergraduate years at Harvard, Marston was influenced by early suffragists and feminists, starting with Emmeline Pankhurst, who was banned from speaking on campus in 1911, when Marston was a freshman.
Wonder Woman, Lepore argues, is the missing link in the history of the struggle for women’s rights—a chain of events that begins with the women’s suffrage campaigns of the early 1900s and ends with the troubled place of feminism a century later. The book is more of an historical look back at the suffrage and feminist movements of the late nineteenth and the first eight decades of the twentieth centuries. His aunt, his female students and lab assistants and his wives carried the financial burdens of the classroom, laboratory and household.
When the thought police came a-calling, he would be sure to have all of his Amazons in a row, usually in the form of one of his smitten female colleagues or some borderline-legitimate psychologist who moved in the same semi-reputable circles as Marston, ready with their own convoluted explanations of how depicting such scenes of bondage would, ultimately, empower women to become the family, political and social leaders that is their destiny; disputes and wars would cease, leading to a Utopian society with peace and love and dancing.
And, not just among the young boys who were the vast majority of comic book readers at that time; Princess Diana had found a new audience as young girls all across America began reading her adventures and emulating her amazing feats in their backyards and living rooms.
I always knew that Marston created the fantastic Wonder Woman and the systolic blood pressure test, which became an integral component of the modern polygraph. They believe the world would be a better place if everyone drowned their sorrows in coffee and yarn. In 1996, she was awarded the Neustadt Prize for contributions to world literature, and her 1957 novel La Soif (The Mischief) was the first novel by an Algerian woman to be published outside Algeria. While I have not read his work extensively, I do remember the day I read “A Woman Waking,” and it remains an excellent example of the careful solid way Levine would craft his poetry, reflecting the people it depicted.
I might have to take a trip down to New Jersey just to flail over the generous gift William H.
You can also find her at Book Riot for endless discussion and flailing over all things literature. One comment in particular, though, set her reeling — and came to exemplify her experiences there. In the 1920s, Marston and his wife, Sadie Elizabeth Holloway, brought into their home Olive Byrne, the niece of Margaret Sanger, one of the most influential feminists of the twentieth century.

It also works as, quite possibly, the most comprehensive and accurate biography of Wonder Woman’s creator, William Moulton Marston, who was – to say the least – a deeply flawed individual. A student aide and paramour (Olive Byrne, niece of famed feminist and trail-blazing birth control advocate, Margaret Sanger) was brought into the home as nanny to his two young sons; when she became pregnant, Marston made her wife number two, telling the two Missus Marstons that the third (and eventually fourth) child would continue under the tutelage and care of number two, while the more successful number one would be called “Mother” to all four and continue to bring in the household funds.
When two members of the Justice Society of America, the Flash and Green Lantern, were awarded their own books, the editors of ALL STAR COMICS conducted a readers poll to which hero should take their place within the ranks. But when I did some research to find out more about his life as an inventor, I discovered some colorful things about his personal life. The honor given to One Hour in Paris: A True Story of Rape and Recovery is inspiring, a testament to the growing discussion about sexual violence and how society can work to remove that stigma.
Wonder Woman remains a stalwart of DC Comics, considered to be an integral part of “the Trinity,” with Superman and Batman.
This set of rare books also includes music written by Schubert, Wagner, and Bach, and will be kept and digitized in its new permanent home.
In the 1930s, Marston and Byrne wrote a regular column for Family Circle celebrating conventional family life, even as they themselves pursued lives of extraordinary nonconformity. However, Marston wasn’t writing the adventures of the JSA, so the Amazon was made official secretary of the team, in charge of holding down the fort while the men were off fighting evil and in charge of coffee and snacks during meetings.
A couple of generations of new creative teams have removed the layers of tarnish to return the character to something much closer to the character William Moulton Marston originally envisioned nearly 75 years ago.
Marston, internationally known as an expert on truth—he invented the lie detector test—lived a life of secrets, only to spill them on the pages of Wonder Woman.
These tales were, by and large, written by legendary comic scribe, Gardner F Fox, though it has long been rumored that Robert Kanigher may have ghosted several of those JSA adventures. That would actually make some kind of since, as Kanigher hated not only Marston, but his creation, as well.

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