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Proposed to download game Mystery Solitaire: Secret Island scanned with anti-viruses and have no ads, no adware, no spyware inside. The conversion is accurate enough, there are just so many gaps and empty areas, and it all just seems so lifeless. The other major addition are the excellent Curse of Monkey Island voice actors reading the same lines from the original game. For what it’s worth, the voice acting is more welcome than the graphical upgrade, especially since casting went to the effort to nab all the original actors, but there’s more good, and bad news.
Though I’m ragging on the “Special Edition” part of the title quite a bit, don’t forget the fact that The Secret of Monkey Island is still a very good point and click adventure game at heart. There’s two major complaints about the point and click genre, the first is pixel hunting for obscure little items, the Monkey Island series has never had an issue with this, in my opinion. Finally, there’s the awkward, old school SCUMM interface that makes a chore out of item management and interaction.
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Mystery Solitaire: Secret Island is a challenging game that features bright high quality graphics, diverse sound effects and thrilling drum music. There have been other 3D platformers since, and a few before, but none that exemplify the genre as much as this one.
I love the way that despite being open world, there was never any danger of getting completely lost. My hope is that after playing this one he’ll want to go and play the others, right the way from Super Mario Bros (surely the most iconic music in a game??) up to Super Mario Galaxy 2 and the new Super Mario 3D World, the new WiiU game which is meant to be good enough to warrant buying the console. Point n Click games are absolutely massive to me, so keeping it to just one entry in this list is going to be difficult for me. Match cards and explore intriguing island locations in search of clues to find your way home.
Match cards in more than 60 unique levels, explore 12 intriguing island locations, and go off in search of clues to find the way off the island. The "Play Hidden Objects" project thankful for your choice and wish to download Mystery Solitaire: Secret Island free from our server.

It was probably like a game of connect the dots, upgrading the sprites to look good in high definition, but it just doesn’t come together.
The Secret of Monkey Island lost all of its visual charm in the high defining process, and it’s a lesser game for that.
While they sounded great in the third game that was written for actors, they honestly sound like they’re phoning it in for the Special Edition. The good is that you can switch to the game’s original graphics at the press of a button, the bad is that the voice acting is turned off, too. The second is that the puzzles are so obscure or senseless it would be nearly impossible to solve without a guide or walkthrough, Monkey Island generally doesn’t fall into this trap, either.
The first half of the game is well structured, with our hero Guybrush Threepwood undertaking three tasks (map, ship, crew) to get off the opening island and rescue the governess Elaine. The Special Edition isn’t that much better, forcing you to either seemingly scroll randomly through the verbs with your mouse wheel, or memorize ten different key shortcuts spread across the keyboard. Dort markiert nicht nur ein X die Stelle, sondern auch zahlreiche Touristen-Tafeln weisen auf die Besonderheit dieses Ortes hin. Of course there are going to be famous places that you may want to go to and see during your stay. The game possesses solid storyline that begins with impressive introduction and continues with numerous cut-scenes. In my own opinion Super Mario Galaxy is probably the better game, but the gravity switching is a bit confusing at first. The camera was nigh-on perfect, and while cameras have largely gotten better in the years in-between, this was the first game to nail it. There are always hints for what to do next to keep that ever-increasing star count heading the right way. I think I’ll need to keep my N64 to get the authentic feel, not for the graphics so much (which are showing their age), but the controller. Monkey Island was the first to really nail it though, and the Special Edition really adds to it. To unlock the clues and continue to the next location you must first find the hidden objects that have been lost underwater and on land.
Monkey Island’s graphics have a wonderfully nostalgic charm to them, but games like this just don’t sell anymore. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that the lines weren’t originally intended to be read aloud, or if the reading sessions were rushed, but the dialog just sounds flat. I would have loved for a combination of classic graphics with voice acting, but I had to stick it out with the new art for the experience. The second half devolves into an unstructured, wide open island with excessive backtracking and questionable solutions to puzzles.

I can’t really blame the original designers as they were pioneers of the industry, but why the Special Edition developers didn’t use a click and hold pop-up like Curse of Monkey Island is beyond me.
The graphical upgrade wipes out almost all of the charm and visual wit The Secret of Monkey Island features, and the voice acting is welcome, though not very good. As it turned out, you are the only man who survived, so everything depends on you how to get out from the island. In-game options allow adjusting card design, hints, music, sound effects, screen mode and hardware acceleration. The verbs list is cut down and text descriptions of the items you’re carrying are replaced with natty little graphics. I’d prefer he went back to the other Lucas classics like Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Day of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango. And then there’s the rushed finale, so rushed in fact the Special Edition completion percentage hilariously jumps from 75% to 100% in just ten minutes. The cast has a bunch of memorable characters including Stan the boat salesman, the fruit cannibals, and of course, LeChuck and Elaine, and the game certainly has its moments, especially when learning to insult sword fight and sneaking around LeChuck’s ship. It’s nice to know that you can play the original game without any of the new features easily, at least. Match pairs of cards to explore all amazing locations of The Secret Island looking for hidden objects underwater and on the land. It is interesting to play for both novices and experienced players, since there are such useful options as undo, shuffle and hint. Subsequent games might have had better puzzles or graphics, but the original captures absolutely everything that makes Monkey Island what it is. The best thing for me though, even though it’s massively different to the original, is getting Dominic Armato in to voice Guybrush. There’s a reason LucasArts put itself on the map in the early 90s, and it wasn’t because of George Lucas. When you collect all the hidden object, you get a clue that helps you to find your way home.
All-in-all, Mystery Solitaire: Secret Island is a good game that show originality in storyline and game play, though is limited to one game mode.
His is the voice of Guybrush for me, and hearing it instead of reading the text is awesome.

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