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In the night, Lily sees many bees in her room and tells her father, but T-Ray yells at her to go back to bed.
The next morning, the housekeeper Rosaleen surprises Lily with a cake for her 14th birthday. They run away to a town where Lily's mother was thought to have once lived, called Tiburon. Zach's mother comes to the house to pray before the statue of the Black Madonna in the living room and runs into May afterwards. Meanwhile, Lily shows August the picture of her mother, and August admits that she knew all along.
Lily's voice-over states that she thought, as T-Ray drove off, saying "Good riddance", he was really saying "Lily, you'll be better off here with all of these mothers." Lily is shown writing the contents of the entire story into the notebook that Zach gave her, and she puts it in May's wall and is shown wearing Zach's necklace. Disclaimer: Messages posted at this site are the sole opinion and responsibility of the poster. Disclaimer: Information from this page is based on the contributions submitted by visitors and members of Theiapolis.
As T-Ray enters, Rosaleen states that she is going to take Lily into town to buy her a training bra. June has a boyfriend named Neil (Nate Parker), who is trying to marry her, but she always refuses.
On the ride to town to deliver honey, Lily confides in Zach the truth of their situation and the reason why she came to August. When he sees Lily wearing her mother's pin, he mistakes her for her mother for a second and proceeds to grab and drag her out of the house, all the while telling her she can't leave him.

A remake of the 1947 classic which starred Danny Kaye and Virginia Mayo, the new version will possible also star Stiller in the lead role. The box contains her mother's gloves, a small photograph of her mother, and a flat wood carving of the Black Madonna. When they ask who made the honey, they are led to the house of August Boatwright (Queen Latifah) and her sisters, May and June.
It is later discovered that her sadness and dismay led her to drown herself by placing a large rock upon her chest and lying down in a shallow section of the river by their home.
While Lily lies staring at the stars and talking to her mother's spirit, she hears her father calling. When Rosaleen and Lily walk uptown, they are confronted by three racist men who insult Rosaleen. She writes a suicide note to August and June, claiming that she was too tired of carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders, and that she would be much happier with her sister and parents in Heaven.
She tells him she's staying there, and after August shows up to calm the scene and assure him they'll take care of her, he reluctantly gives August permission to take care of Lily for as long as she wanted to stay there. When Lily is introduced to the local church, she has a flashback when the memories of the night her mother died begin to come to her.
This incites a racist mob who kidnap Zach and call Lily names for choosing to associate with him.
As T-Ray drives off, he admits that the day Deborah left, she wasn't only coming back for her stuff, but coming back for Lily. After T-Ray and Lily get home, T-Ray punishes Lily sending her to her bedroom and he and Lily argue.

She sees everyone's problems as her concern and she has difficulties coping with her "extra problems." Lily lies and says that she is an orphan, that Rosaleen is a nanny, and that they have no place to stay. She discovers a wall outside of the house that has little pieces of paper stuffed between the holes. After her funeral, August and June slowly begin to recover from their loss, with June even finally agreeing to marry Neil, whom she had broken up with in a fit of indecisive anger and fear.
August offers to let them help with the honey in exchange for shelter, much to June's dismay. June and August decide not to tell May of Zach's disappearance for fear of what it would do to her fragile mental state. Realizing the sisterly bond they have formed with Rosaleen, August and June embrace her as their new sister and decide to call her "July". Lily waits until he is gone before she writes a letter saying "People who tell lies like you should burn in Hell.
August claimed that they were psychically linked to one another and were like a single person.
Don't bother to look for me." After setting the note on the table, she grabs the bag she has packed and goes to the hospital "colored ward" to find Rosaleen.

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the secret life of bees quotes and meanings

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