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Or anyway, that is how the gnomes explain it to the humans in human-speak, gnomes being naturally multilingual.
Creepy.In order to learn the secrets of the gnomes, our two human protagonists travel all over the world, time, and even dimensions, meeting a cast of characters both friendly and terrifying, from the Abominable Snowman to Neolithic Man to talking animals of every stripe. Despite the often fairly disturbing text and some even more disturbing illustrations, this book is a whole lot of fun even for (specifically for, seriously, specifically) adults, and littered with all sorts of useful facts which may or may not even be true.
This beautifully illustrated fantasy was totally perfect for a stunted grown-up like me who was in pretty dire need of a cuteness-injection after reading a slew of depressing novels pretty much back-to-back.
Paquita Maria wrote: "There are many pages of this book that I would like to have on t-shirts. Yeah, they could pretty much take or leave clothes if there's a fire going (hippies!), but if they did wear t-shirts, I bet they'd like to have gnome t-shirts. These little guys had the best, most amazing and cutting edge business plan ever, as outlined in this diagram.
Anyway, a student at Michigan State University has apparently really bought into this business model and he’s tried to put it into motion. He’s been arrested recently after being caught stealing the thongs of female students all across campus. From birth, these near-monosyllabic, cretinous creatures "start kicking around blindly," solely capable of "discerning things they can pester." As the secret book of the gnomes informs us, in a brood of trolls, "only the meanest kicker remains alive," his singular purpose in life being to crush anything in his path.
Even the most advanced troll could not successfully form such a complex sentence, so how they really say it (again, according to the gnomes) is "Smash it! They resolve "differences of opinion, irritation, and minor quarrels" by singing their complaints "in a self-made song" rather than scrappin' and screamin' over someone else's song. Only very special humans such as Charles Perrault, Hans Christian Anderson, and the Grimm brothers have been allowed to make such a journey and become privy to such knowledge, so it is quite a privilege despite all the obstacles they come to face along the way. For example, did you know that pine twigs can fight scurvy, or that the tale of Little Red Riding Hood comes from true instances of rabid wolves eating gnomes?
In gnome land, when a fella compliments a lady, he does so by saying things like "she couldn't be more than 110 years old!", which is something I can totally get behind as the grey hairs peak and the eyes go dull. This mean lady had the nerve to write an honest review (BULLY!), which hurt the nice author lady's feelings so badly that she had to sick her big, strong, caveman boyfriend on the bully while nice author lady went out to buy herself something nice, like votes for a vacuous review that doesn't even really say anything about the book except that it says things there are no words for - because that makes total sense - but makes the nice author lady feel good anyway, somehow.

It's hard to imagine this split 20 ways, unless they are pretty tiny or the illustrations are larger than in the compendium.
They can communicate with animals, hitch rides on their backs, help them in times of need, and occasionally even playfully outwit them.
Smash it!" The ever-clever gnomes, however, have created an elaborate system of traps in order to trip up and contain these raging assholes, with the results being pretty much the same every time. In their travels, they also meet an array of gnome-types, some a bit more, errr, liberal than others.
Or that the Werewolf Witch Trials occurred because of some thieves running around causing trouble in wolf suits, being seen from afar and taken for real life monsters? Thanks a lot."Oh God, now I've got "You Can Leave Your Hat On" with gnome imagery stuck in my head. Naked but for their hats, singing and dancing and tossing tiny, environmentally-friendly rolls of gnome bum wipes. I had only seen the 24 volume set before, so it's good to know that they actually come in a single volume too.Well, I've now been motivated to buy the rest of the set, of which I have about 6 volumes by now. I had only seen the 24 volume set before, so it's good to know that they actually come in a single volume too."I also had a large, single hardback, not this one but the author's Gnomes (I think that's the one -- it was when I was a kid). If we ever meet, I'm warning you right now that you'd better gnome up because these scrawny arms are a-comin' for ya whether you like it or not.Anyway, I was going to say something about how weird it was to read about the characteristics of the troll in the midst of all the recent goodreads drama, but then I realized that kinda makes me sound like I was born yesterday. For example, Arctic gnomes are known for such an excess of hospitality that they even offer their wives up to the humans at bedtime.
Or that the carriages on reindeer sleighs are built so far back so that the riders won't get smacked in the face by flying poop? I mean, if I were to go out and buy a gigolo, I'd feel pretty safe assuming he's in love with me, and I bet everyone else would think he loves me, too. See yourself in a dream in the form of a gnome, means that you can’t make independent decisions.In fairy tales, gnomes are good and evil. It has been, is, and always will be, but the parallels still made me laugh, given that I was reading this at my desk while once again sporadically dealing with internet assholes and their boorish, insufferable opinions on opinions.
The gnomes are taken up on their offer because the humans, uh, don't want to be rude or anything.

Then again, I'm hyper-sensitively aggressive toward emotional coddling, so the darker elements of even this cheery cuteness made for a good match.
Depending of which gnome appears in the dream, you can interpret your dream.If you stay in the woods and talk with a good gnome, it means increase of wisdom and household welfare. Caught up in that as I was, I may have misled with the way I chose to order the information in this review. Gremlins in the dream mean that you will have minor troubles in real life, but you will be able to solve it.While interpreting the dream, do not get confused with gnomes and dwarfs. I'll come back to that last part.The watercolor illustrations are lovely and whimsical, though the fact that this is considered a children's book concerns me for a number of reasons.
COULDN'T CARE LESSWith that, the gnomes go on to beg our travelers to make it their mission in life to spread this message: that all humans should do their part to "reduce the number and needs of spoiled humanity," and see beyond the tips of their noses, unlike so many trolls who just smash and slobber and sulk about the state of things.
Thinking back on their wonderful encounters with the deer, lemmings, foxes, bears, birds, and even wolves who helped them along the way, the humans are moved to write and illustrate this little book.
This dream suggests that the person has its own little world in which he lives by the laws different with real life. Two humans are summoned to Holland by the gnomes so they can learn the very secret secrets of their super-secret secret gnome book. They are shrunk down to gnome size and given the customary gnome garb to wear, while still retaining their human faces. This dream portends a long mental and physical health, which will make it possible to participate in a variety of useful activities.
Remember gnomes in a dream, is a good sign.Regarded as one of the forms of the earth element, gnomes in dreams can be attributed to the image of prosperity, welfare at home, as well as initiation to the secret and questionable advice.

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