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The Secret Life of Pets movies two trailers are out and we have shared second trailer above.
The Secret Life of Pets movies total nine posters are out till now and one of the best we have shared above and which is featuring all pets from movie, all are at the top of building. This video montage will put a big smile on your face and give you a healthy dose of the feels. A police officer in Illinois pulled a car over for speeding, and found one of the car's occupants, Steven Sinnott, recording the incident with his phone. You will laugh so hard when you see this teen freak out in the passenger seat of a Tesla that suddenly started to drive itself. A plane in Lodi, California was taking 17 skydivers up for a jump recently when disaster struck.
There's no doubt Serena Williams will go down as one of the greatest to ever play the game. A mother raccoon was trapped in a tree with its babies, and might have been stuck there to this day if it wasn't for Robert Reese.
A man who, at the time was employed by a zoo in India, decided to jump into the lion's enclosure.
A raven thought it had landed some prime real estate in the heart of Los Angeles, but found out its deal was too good to be true. Rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited in India rescued a puppy that found shelter in a temple. In Manhattan, Max is enjoying his life as his owner Katie's favorite pet in the comfortable apartment building where they live together. In Manhattan apartment building, there is max, who is a terrier starts neglected as favourite pet by his owner, who is Katie. First movie trailer was just having little introduction about every pet in movie like Max, Sphynx cat, Mel, Chloe cat, Buddy and Gidget and we have shared second because it has featured the real movie story like introduction of Duke to max and their daily competition. Poster is saying “From the humans behind Despicable me”, “every wonder what your pets do when you are not home?” and also featuring movies name.

It's rather amusing that they took the dolls I used to love to play with as a child and turn them into a movie.
Next, watch as a driver in Australia is harassed by another driver whose affections she rebuffed. First, this man seemed to be under the influence of something when he had a conversation with his own reflection. The officer told Sinnott to stop recording, and when he didn't, the officer pulled him out of the car and arrested him for disorderly conduct.
The chiropractor has agreed not to treat anyone under the age of 18 years old until the investigation is completed. Officials are worried that chiropractors are offering medical advice claiming to be able to treat illnesses like autism, ADHD, ear infections and colic.
It turns out that his dad was using the summon feature on the Tesla to make it seem as if the car was driving on its own. The plane began having engine trouble shortly after takeoff and was forced to make a emergency landing.
James Corden needed a ride to work and the "Chewbacca Mom" was there to help, mask and all. From the sleek and glamorous Billie Holiday to the gothic-chic days of Madonna and of course, queen Beyonce herself — the ever-changing fashion influence of these pop stars is unforgettable.
The model turned actress says she met with director David Ayer at a London hotel and he pitched the character.
One video posted on Facebook shows a mother snake giving birth to multiple snakelets, all of which came out of their gooey birth sack slithering, striking, and ready to rock 'n' roll.
The bird had set up its nest in the 'S' on the logo outside one of the Sony buildings, but got trapped in its own building materials, prompting a quick rescue.
A snake charmer was performing with his cobra in Thailand when things got a little out of control.
Ellie Kemper, Bobby Moynihan, Hannibal Buress, Jenny Slate, Lake Bell, and Albert Brooks also star, and Chris Renaud (Despicable Me) and Yarrow Cheney are co-directing. She attempted an advanced climb a few months after getting into the sport, but didn't make it far.

So they decided that when baby Finley finally came into their lives, the perfect way to surprise their families with the news was by just showing up as a family.
Sinnott claims he was merely standing up for his rights, and filed a complaint with the police department. The plane hit the ground hard and flipped over when it slid into a truck that was on the road.
Watch her "psychotically-perfect" daily beauty routine which she performs with such intensity and precision.
Bella is an orphaned grizzly cub who seen in the video from the point of view of naturalist Casey Anderson, a host on Nat Geo WILD and director of the Montana Grizzly Encounter sanctuary.
During the performance, the charmer went into the crowd, which led the cobra to believe it could also go into the crowd, which did not sit well with the audience.
Illumination Entertainment has released a new teaser trailer for The Secret Life of Pets, and it answers the age-old question of what our pets do all day when we’re at work or school. And I have to say, I can't resist the like of Kevin Hart voicing a cute, tiny little white bunny.
Undeterred, Susie tried and tried, until three years after her initial attempt, she successfully scaled the wall. Sebastian Alvarez, a wingsuit pilot on the plane during the crash, spoke to RightThisMinute about the incident.
From there, Cara was asked to go to the forest during a full moon, get naked and wander around. After sometime unfortunately, both decides to leave their arguments behind when Snowball, who is adorable white rabbit and his army of abandoned pets launch a criminal conspiracy to take perfect revenge on all owned pets, who are happy and their owners.
Movie trailer also featured banners like “From the humans behind Despicable me” so there is no doubt about funny scenes and also about movies story.

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