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The "Secret Life Of The American Teenager" cast is full of young actors who are just starting out their careers. This "Secret Life Of The American Teenager" cast member portrays main character Amy Juergens.
Prior to becoming a cast member on "Secret Life Of The American Teenager," Daren Kagasoff had no formal acting experience. Her career took off when she starred on the popular television show "The Facts of Life." In the mid 1980s she was part of the Brat Pack, which was a group of young actors who commonly starred together in comedic-dramas. The television show revolves around the lives of high school students, so the parts were cast with young actors. Woodley was born in 1991, and has primarily acted in small guest roles on television shows.

His television experience is expansive and includes starring in 44 episodes of "Life with Bonnie," twelve episodes of the short lived show "Bonnie," and the soap opera "One Life to Live." In 2009 he was a cast member on the hit show "24" when his character Joe Stevens was featured in five episodes. HD Wallpaper and background images in the The Secret Life of the American Teenager club tagged: the secret life of the american teenager abc family 7th heaven high school drama unplanned pregnancy shailene woodley francia raisa.
A lot of the actors had little on screen experience prior to joining the "Secret Life Of The American Teenager" cast, but they all do an amazing job in their roles. Born in 1987, Kagasoff has yet to branch away and star in anything other than "Secret Life Of The American Teenager."Ken Baumann.

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the secret life of the american teenager series 8

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