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Just after the "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" hit the theaters, a dvd screener was leaked on the internet with an "Ellen DeGeneres" watermark. The 20th Century Fox representative said the copy was definitely not an Oscar screener, as the studio forensically watermarks those copies differently. Copies of screeners have appeared online in the past, but it is unusual for pirated copies to include a watermark that identifies specific individuals. Ellen DeGeneres will be hosting the 86th annual Academy Awards, which will take place March 2 and will be telecast by ABC.
According to Andy Baio pirated copies of three other movies with Oscar nominations appeared Wednesday on piracy sites, namely "Frozen," "Her" and "The Wolf of Wall Street". Walter Mitty, a timid accountant with an overprotective mother, has elaborate daydreams of himself as the hero of great adventures. His dreams come to life when he meets a mysterious woman who gives him a little black book that supposedly contains the location of the Dutch crown jewels that we hidden during World War II, and Walter finds himself in the middle of a conspiracy.

Mitty l?i da t?ng la m?t d?a tr? nang d?ng, thich choi van tru?t, d? toc b?m ng?a… nhung chinh cu?c s?ng hang ngay l?i khi?n anh danh m?t nh?ng dam me tru?c day c?a minh.D?n m?t ngay n?, vi v?n d? kinh doanh, t?p chi gi?y Life b? dong c?a, d? thay vao do la “Cu?c s?ng ?o” (Life online). S? ki?n nay lam cho nhi?u nhan vien co nguy co b? sa th?i do khong phu h?p v?i co c?u m?i, Mitty cung n?m trong s? do. Tru?c khi dong c?a, Life ra s? cu?i cung, v?i ?nh bia c?a Sean O’Connell, nhi?p ?nh gia g?n bo r?t lau cung Life. Tuy v?y, m?t s? c? x?y ra khi?n t?m phim th? 25, du?c nh?n m?nh s? ch?n lam bia, l?i bi?n m?t, va v?i trach nhi?m c?a m?t ngu?i 16 nam trong ngh?, Mitty quy?t d?nh len du?ng tim tung tich t?m phim th? 25.Cau chuy?n va y nghia c?a b? phim khong m?i, n?u khong mu?n noi no da qua nham chan, l?i th?i, t?ng du?c s? d?ng nhi?u tru?c day trong hang lo?t b? phim.
Tuy nhien v?i “Bi m?t c?a Walter Mitty”, Ben Stiller, trong vai tro la di?n vien chinh, nha s?n xu?t va d?o di?n phim, truy?n t?i y nghia do m?t cach hoan toan m?i, khi?n ngu?i xem du?c truy?n c?m h?ng m?t cach d?y kinh ng?c.B? phim co nhi?u phan do?n cao trao, ? do, b?t ch?t ngu?i xem du?c ch?ng ki?n m?t Mitty hoan toan khac, hanh d?ng d?t khoat, k?ch tinh, m?nh d?n bay t? yeu thuong, nhung do l?i hoan toan ch? n?m trong suy nghi, tu?ng tu?ng c?a nhan v?t.
Xuyen su?t hanh trinh do, Mitty luon th? hi?n cho m?i ngu?i th?y y chi vu?t qua chu?ng ng?i, luon t? bi?t cach len tinh th?n cho minh trong kho khan, cung nhu kien tri, kien d?nh v?i nh?ng gi da d?t ra ban d?u, d? r?i d?n cu?i cung, nh?ng c? g?ng c?a anh, du khong th? thay d?i d?i cu?c, nhung da co th? thay d?i chinh con ngu?i anh ? m?t hu?ng tich c?c hon.M?t nhan v?t khac dang d? chu y m?c du ch? xu?t hi?n du?c kho?ng 5-7 phut phim, do la nhi?p ?nh gia huy?n tho?i Sean O’Connell.
Gi?a Sean va Mitty co r?t nhi?u s? khac bi?t, m?t ngu?i nhu k? lang du, thich rong ru?i nay day mai do d? ghi l?i nh?ng kho?ng kh?c d?p trong cu?c s?ng, m?t ngu?i l?i ch? c?m d?u vao ban gi?y, ng?i thay d?i.

Th? nhung, h? v?n la c?ng s?, la b?n be c?a nhau trong su?t 16 nam tr?i du r?t it l?n g?p m?t.
N?u cac b?n yeu thich dong nh?c Indie, hay tim nghe ca khuc “Dirty paws” c?a nhom Of Monster And Men trong phim, ch?c ch?n ca khuc nay s? lam b?n thich.So v?i nh?ng b? phim hai tru?c day, l?n nay Ben Stiller mang d?n m?t b? phim l? hon, khong qua nhi?u ti?ng cu?i, nhung l?i la nh?ng ti?ng cu?i dang suy ng?m.
Cung dong phim hai, tru?c gi? Ben Stiller luon la d?i th? c?a Adam Sandler, tuy nhien v?i nh?ng phim hai g?n day khong du?c danh gia cao nhu “Jack and Jill” “Grow up 2”, ph?n th?ng co l? dang nghieng v? Ben Stiller v?i “Bi m?t c?a Walter Mitty.”“Bi m?t c?a Walter Mitty” khong ph?i m?t b? phim hai khi?n m?i ngu?i cu?i lan l?n, nhung no la m?t b? phim truy?n c?m h?ng tuy?t v?i. Phim 3S luon c?p nh?t phim m?i d? mang d?n cho cac b?n nh?ng b? phim hanh d?ng, vo thu?t, phim chi?u r?p, cac th? lo?i phim tam ly, tinh c?m c?c loi cu?n va h?p d?n nh?t. D?c bi?t website r?t than thi?n v?i ngu?i dung va h?n ch? t?i da cac qu?ng cao gay kho ch?u khi xem phim.

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the secret life of walter mitty full movie stream

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