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Here's next Tuesday, the 19th of June's DVD column - featuring a few special surprises of content and my further explorations in the HD DVD world. With RATATOUILLE coming out soon, it’s a great time to honor the first and second mouse that set out to conquer the human world, NARF! Like the New York Times says – it’s widely considered to be the greatest kung-fu flick of all time. Seems somebody was listening to Cartuna in his tribute to THE SECRET OF NIMH and finally woke up and realized that this film desperately needed a decent release on DVD. You know… as I look at these Shaw Classics hitting, I just dream of seeing them in the 1080 glory of high def.
If you don’t understand the innate coolness of Alain Delon and Charles Bronson teaming up for a late 60’s French thriller… then you’re just a lost soul. This is just one of those films that absolutely made a lot of fucking sense when you were 15. This week I had a chance to meet with a fellow by the name of Kevin Collins – he’s kinda like the Moses of HD DVD and yes he does work for the most evil corporation that I’ve ever known… Microsoft. Anyway – this Kevin Collins guy has a card that is in Japanese and English – and his title is “Director – HD DVD EVANGELISM” Anyway – apparently he’d been alerted to my recent columns by the various powers that be and decided to come to Austin to show me, “the true potential of the HD DVD medium.” And certainly, he came to reinforce my recent conversion to the Hi Def medium.
He brought with him every single title… foreign and domestic – that has ever been put on to HD DVD.
The upcoming HD DVD for 300 – which will have this amazing extra feature that has Zach talking you through the making of the entire film, but with a screen that’s showing you all the actual footage shot by the camera that actually captured it. The only jabs he made at BLU RAY had to do with Sony’s discs which apparently seem addicted to MPEG2 as the encoding format – rather than the other codecs that are apparently superior – but I have to admit… without a BLU RAY player and a side by side demo, I feel I can’t really comment on the reality of that situation.

This was one of the first titles where I really began to explore some of the extra capabilities that are on HD DVD. GOODFELLAS has never been my favorite Scorsese film, but with the Sopranos coming to an end this past Sunday, I had to pick this up and last Friday I had a HD-DVD party and we screened GOODFELLAS to celebrate the passing of Tony. One of the things I love about HD is the ability to see the original film grain that the films had. This disc has a lot of extras, but I don’t think anything that wasn’t on that nice DVD they put out, but we do have a better transfer of image and sound.
Honestly, that criticism could be levelled at the script, too - clearly only a passing thought was given to making the dialogue and tech-speak believable. I mean, let's face it with the consoles, we geeks usually wind up with all three, so if one has an Blu Ray player and you can add an HD-DVD player to the other perhaps we should just say let both formats live and if companies want to go exclusive then let them go exclusive if they want to do both, better for the consumer to have the choice.
When HDDVD goes the way of the Laserdisc, you'll look back at this foolish statement and blush.
The point is, Numbnuts, why support a format that is not going to exist after a certain period of time. The simple fact of the matter is that he's getting paid by corporate interests to promote the format. We're all overlooking the main point in the BluRay-Hd war and that is The Star Wars movies. Some customers are buying HD-DVDs thinking they will work on normal DVD players and then being unable to get a refund.
I know the new HD discs are region free, but will the HD-DVD or Blu Ray players play my mixed library of region 1 through 4 regular dvd's?

Why waste the scratch on the software when you're going to have to replace it with a BR alternative when your HDDVD drive stops working and it will be cheaper to buy a new BR drive than get it repaired, Numbnuts.
With the best will in the world Carl Denholm will never look any better than he does in the KK SE DVD…. Because players that play both are a nice idea, and a few will be around, but sooner or later the only supported format will be the winner. He's a greedy, lazy, corrupt red-headed step-child (literally), and this is why BR gets zero mention from his chubby little KFC stained fingers. Star Trek The Bald Generation can’t match the film stock of the original series so it always going to look softer, muddier, HD-DVD or Blu-ray aint gonna help that and as for old television material recorded on video… forget it. It's not financially a good idea to continue making players for a dead format, or players that play the winner and the loser - the money is made on the discs. For either of these two formats to succeed they’re going to have to break-out in the mainstream and that’s unlikely because for the average non-film fan they only JUST upgraded to DVD and as far as they’re concerned it’s good enough. Unless the PS3 brings it to a wider audience it chances of cracking the mainstream are slim, it’ll still be a viable format, loved and nurtured as laserdisc was not the industry upheaval that DVD was.
Also the industry is taking real pains to make sure that the formats are NOT democratised as DVD has been. Region coding, we got around that little piece of nonsense and we can all burn our own discs….

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the secret of nimh 2 all i had is gone mp3

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