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A leading member of the high council of NIMH, Jenner was confronted by a newcomer to the rat city, Professor Ratigan.
The Mouse King is an early presence in NIMH, but he proves to be a disastrous drain upon NIMH's resources. Ever power-hungry, Jenner convinces Brain to turn traitor against Mojo Jojo, as the monkey impedes his own rise to prominence.
Having in the rats of NIMH,Jenner takes an mysterious toy,he threatens them all of his rule…Luckily Jack in the Box fights Jenner with his sword.
You are now on the page of a The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue, which includes such genres as Animation, Adventure, Family, Musical. American History X download, Meet Joe Black movie, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas download, Merlin buy, The Prince of Hearts buy, Cannibal! Ample Grime is a minor villainess from Darkwing Duck, appearing only in the episode "Dirty Something". First appearing in the cult classic animated film The Secret of NIMH, he is killed by Professor Ratigan in the first round of the Disney vs.

Suspicious that Ratigan had designs on his position (which he did), Jenner insulted the master criminal and tried to have him removed from the city.
Jenner is very outspoken about the Mouse King's uselessness, complaining to the High Council. The two promise Jenner increased territory in NIMH in exchange for helping them attack the empire of Napoleon, Jojo's chief rival. Then, after finding a girl mouse, a mouse who's parents are captured, they set off to find the great owl. The plan was for the two to create a machine that would shot sticky sludge at the victims, then use a vaccuum to suck them of all their money. However, she is the complete opposite of Ammonia, loving dirt as much as her sister loves cleanliness, though it is not given a reason why. Though the plan was quite simple, Darkwing had difficulties fighting the duo due to Gosalyn having sold all of his equipment for recycling. That night, the two enemies met in battle, with Jenner wielding a sword against his unarmed opponent.

However, Jenner had miscalculated, and his sword skills proved to be no match for Ratigan's savagery, and Jenner was killed when Ratigan tore into him with his claws. The Mouse King kicks Jenner away, but Jenner manages to slice into the Mouse King's stomach. He eventually foiled their plans, leaving the two to bicker among themselves while their machine exploded. The wounded Mouse King raises his sword in an attempt to strike Jenner down, but the more lithe Jenner knocks the Mouse King off a cliff into a lake. Jenner, sword at the ready, cuts down and kills Warren before he can so much as utter a scream. He seizes the opportunity and cuts the trap's rope, sending Waul and his henchman flying into a water tower off in the distance.

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the secret of nimh 2 dr valentine

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