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Warcraft, the long-anticipated movie based on Blizzard Entertainment's wildly popular World of Warcraft video game franchise, finally has another release date: Dec. Production company Legendary Pictures described the film on Facebook this week as an "epic adventure of world-colliding conflict" — with a reported $100 million budget — that will be directed by Duncan Jones, the man behind sci-fi films Source Code and Moon.
Blood Diamond screenwriter Charles Leavitt will pen the script, while Universal Pictures will distribute the movie in 2015.
A big-screen adaptation of World of Warcraft has been talked about for years without much progress until now.
Legendary Pictures has a solid history of bringing fantasy to movie theaters, including 300 and The Dark Knight Trilogy. If you told every kid this smog monster would come for them if they didn't recycle, the planet would be saved in 10 years. On one hand, this is a cute little movie that involves lovable, singing dinosaurs and Julia Child's voice. On the other hand, a small child signs a contact with blood and the villain -- seconds after delivering this rather deep line -- is eaten alive by crows. It's a toss up between what's more terrifying: the flaming Red Bull, or the eagle dealing with multiple nip slips. When children ask for a floor plan of heaven, it's easy for adults to get nervous and tongue tied since they don't know the specifics.

Besides the fact that the entire movie is basically Home Alone 2: Lost in New York without the comic relief, the Giant Mouse of Minsk is horrifyingly creepy.
The perfect film for budding conspiracy theorists: A large chunk of time is spent showing the army's attempts to destroy the beloved hero.
To be fair, not much could be done to make this movie more kid-friendly given the source material. If a kid ever asks you what hell is like, however, you can just show them All Dogs Go to Heaven.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Sam Raimi, who at the time had directed the original Spider-Man Trilogy, was then tapped to take the helm. That version was supposed to head to theaters in 2011, but a year later Raimi left to instead direct Oz the Great and Powerful.

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the secret of nimh 2 i will show the world youtube

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