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The Secret of the Ages should rightfully be called the original of "The Secret." It is one of the pioneering works on the powers of the Universal Mind and the subconscious mind. But a way to win for themselves the full measure of success they've dreamed of but almost stopped hoping for-that is something every young couple would welcome with open arms. The Secret of the Ages By Robert CollierContains the complete unabridged, original set of Volumes 1 through 7.
If I cannot endow libraries or colleges for them, perhaps I can point the way to get all good gifts for them. What they do need is inspiration-and opportunity-the kind of inspiration that makes a man go out and create his own opportunity.
And it is something that, if I can do it justice, will make the "Eternal Triangle" as rare as it is today common, for it will enable husband and wife to work together-not merely for domestic happiness, but for business success as well. A series of books to give inspiration and opportunity to those middle class persons who are not poor enough for charity, nor rich enough to afford things themselves.
The author intended to inspire, the kind of inspiration that makes a man go out and create his own opportunity.

Yours is the world and everything in it!-Robert Collier was a prolific writer of the 20th Century and was accomplished in many different areas. When the depression came and he found himself unable to provide food and shelter for his loved ones, he demanded something more than equality of opportunity. He wrote some of the most powerful advertising letters of his day and many are still mimicked and copied by the great salesletter writers of today. And soon they learned that power feeds on power, and the only end of dictatorship is war, which destroys all. The same reason that has impelled man since time began-the longing for security, security for the home, security against want, security for old age. Since time began, the search for security has been one of the strongest urges in all of nature. You see it in the animal in the way it conceals its nest and tries to make it safe from predatory creatures-man or animal. Collier's Books have recently been brought back to prominence from being referenced in the popular metaphysical movie The Secret.

You see it in the records of early man in the caves he dug into the sides of the mountains, in the tree huts, in the cliff dwellings. You follow it down through the ages to the walled cities, the turreted castles, the inaccessible mountains in which men made their homes. Throughout history, you see this search for security as one of the dominant characteristics of all human kind. And now that the common man has realized his power, you find him all over the world banding together to take over all property, to the end that he and his may find that security from want that he has so long worked for. What he does not seem to realize is that the mere redistribution of property never has and never will solve his problem. It will provide him with temporary supply, yes-but supply is a continuing problem, and when his small share of the general distribution is gone, he will be worse off than he was before, because production will have either ceased or been greatly curtailed.

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the secret of the ages robert collier free audio

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