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The Secret Society: Hidden Mysteries is the latest iOS title from G5 Games, and one that founds itself on secrets, mystery, and hidden object gameplay. In The Secret Society you are tasked with investigating your Uncle Richard’s mysterious disappearance, as you begin to hear the quiet rumblings of something called the Order of Seekers. The Secret Society has a lot of tiny issues in design and execution, and when those flaws are brought together, they heavily weigh down the entire game experience.
You can zoom in on each photograph to better locate those hard-to-find items, but the zoom function moves so slow that you’ll have to pinch the screen ten or fifteen times to actually make the image significantly bigger. There are only 12 different hidden picture scenes in The Secret Society, with the promise of more levels to be added in future updates. Even though the locations themselves are diverse, the items you search for are most certainly not. With its macabre concept art and enigmatic tone, The Secret Society: Hidden Mysteries has a lot of potential to be something great. G5’s The Secret Society: Hidden Mystery is a free casual hidden item adventure game that will have you transporting to all sorts of interesting places around the word to look for lost items, and your lost uncle. It all starts when you receive a strange letter from your Uncle Richard’s secretary saying that he has mysteriously disappeared. Secret Society: Hidden Mystery is played by going to different locations via a stack of photos your uncle left you, and finding all the hidden items on the screen.
You unlock the various picture levels as you play Secret Society: Hidden Mystery by spending some of your coins and by finding the pieces, since the photos have all been ripped up and scattered throughout the different locations. So Secret Society: Hidden Mystery is a nice little casual hidden game that is fun to play, even if you can only play it in short spurts. It’s challenging and a bit repetitive, but that is usually to be expected from hidden games. I am really enjoying the Secret Society, but cannot seem to find where to “win” the musical symbol for “flat”. I have been trying to play secret society ever since the last update and keep getting kicked out after doing 1 scene. Jenni Lada brings us information about all of the groovy new gaming imports from around the world. Players can 'pay to play' Excavations from level 80 onwards, where they can choose to pay with crystals (which will need to be bought with real money) to unlock the Picture early, rather than waiting until they reach level 82 and unlock it for free, through normal game play. Excavations is one of the 14 pictures in the game that does not reward any combining elements, but does reward collection items that require a large number of combining elements to combine.
Morphs and Pieces modes have their own items that need to be found, separate from those listed above. Jerboas are hopping desert rodents that look like a cross between a mouse and a kangaroo due to their long hind legs.
13th May 2016: The Spring Festival Update has now also been released for Windows players in the Windows App Store. 4th May 2016: The Spring Festival Update has been released for iOS devices in the Apple App Store. 20th April 2016: The Spring Festival Update has been released for Android devices in the Google Play Store. 18th April 2016: A new update has been released for Kindle devices in the Amazon App Store - introducing the Spring Festival Update!
24th March 2016: A patch has been released for the Mountain Vacation Update for Android devices in the Google Play Store.
11th March 2016: The Mountain Vacation Update has now been released for Kindle players in the Amazon App Store.

9th March 2016: A new update has been released for iOS and Android devices - introducing the Mountain Vacation Update! 18th February 2016: A server update caused all access to Friends areas to go offline for a couple of hours.
8th February 2016: A patch has been released for the Kindle version of the 2015 Christmas Update.
5th February 2016: A patch has been released for the Android version of the 2015 Christmas Update.
1st February 2016: The game developers have announced that, starting with the next update to the game, they will only be providing English, Russian and Japanese language options for the Facebook version of the Secret Society - Hidden Mystery game.
But with more flaws than actual fun, the game is a far cry from the compelling detective adventures it strives to emulate: with not enough depth or variety to warrant its rigid freemium model and lack of adventure components.
You have also been gifted with your uncle’s special skill of jumping into magic photographs, which act as the hidden object levels in the game.
The controls are often unresponsive to your touch: there is a two second delay between the time you touch on something in your inventory and the time the game registers your input.
These might seem like small complaints, but when you’re forced to endure them over and over again, they become really off-putting, really quickly. However, you’ll only get to play the same two screens for your first two hours of gameplay, and it becomes an absolute chore to unlock any new ones. The game recycles the same ten to fifteen items in every level, and hardly bothers to change up their locations. But a boring, almost nonexistent story and countless design flaws weigh down what could have been an absorbing hidden object adventure.
And this blog most definitely needs to be updated because the game has FAR more than 12 pictures.
I see players who are level 300+ and it had taken me probably around a year (give our take a few months) to reach level 37. You also find out that you are part of a secret society called the Order of the Seekers that has the magical ability to teleport to any location through a photograph. You are also asked by Uncle Richard’s butler and secretary to find various things that are missing (because it’s somehow your responsibility to find stuff they lost but whatever.) These items go into different collections that you can complete throughout the game. You can either wait to find the pieces as the game progresses or you could use your diamonds to unlock the levels instead. Along with the hidden item puzzles, there are also three other games you can play: a block sliding game, a pipe connecting game, and a memory match game. Experience is needed to advance in level (which gives you perks like more energy) and coins are needed to buy items and unlock picture levels.
There are no free hints in Secret Society: Hidden Mystery like there are in other hidden games. It is always the same scene, but the items move around to make it harder and different each time. You will talk to people here and there and find clues that will help you locate your uncle, but it is mostly just casual gameplay. The use of collections, achievments, and the three non-hidden object games give it more variety and something to accomplish other then finding scads of random items.
The energy limits of each play make it a short experience each time, but that also means you won’t beat it too quickly. I’m sorry you are having trouble with the game, but I have nothing to do with the production of the game, I just reviewed it! Let every day be Casual Friday when you read about your favorite casual games in our weekly update.

Depending on the Picture Level and Game Mode you may not have to find all the items in one visit.
Tentatively, it looks like the server update may have helped alleviate or even solved Locked Board Syndrome, with players reporting that some LBS boards are now open again. I’d wait a few weeks to see if this game gets a much-needed title update before trying this one. Also you can only do about 4 activities per as you run out of points so they can entice you to waste real money buying energy.
Since you are Uncle Richard’s only living heir, and the only one with the magical ability to move through photos, it’s your job to find out what happened to him and protect the society from the dangerous men trying to find its secrets.
Along with collections there are also achievements you can unlock and experience to earn different levels. This is not recommended though unless you are really impatient because diamonds are a lot harder to come by than coins. G5 included options for you to buy coins and diamonds using real money. Instead, you can use six different items: dynamite which finds 5 random items for you, a clock which adds more time to the clock, a compass that points you in the right direction of an item, an eye that finds on object and two other items that aid you in the dark locations. Sometimes the list of items show up as silhouettes that you have to find which make it a bit easier. The wiki news covers both what is happening with the game, but also changes that are being made here. There has been 110,000 edits made to the wiki in it's second year, compared to 6,500 in its first year, and we hope to build on this into the future. Players with LBS may have to open and interact with their games for the change to take effect. Could you assist me?” It would be more exciting to put the game down and actually go read about the six-toed gecko than partake in this tedious quest. There are also five-second load screens at every turn, which severely disrupt the flow of the game. The in-game achievements are quite easy to earn, and every time you meet one of these long-term goals, a new trinket is placed on your desk that doles out additional awards over time. You also only have 5 minutes to find all the items on the screen and you are penalized 10 seconds for randomly clicking too many times. A huge thank you to all contributors, readers and curious players for helping to make our first 2 years so successful, as this place would be nothing without you. Considering that nothing in The Secret Society is visually groundbreaking, there is really no reason to have these lengthy load screens every time you start a hidden object scene or go back to your home base. You start out with 50 and every three minutes you get another point (it maxes at 50 though.) So it takes about 17 minutes for your energy to fully recharge when you are empty.
When you really start to build up your trinkets, you’ll always have at least one new reward you can get at any moment.
It definitely reinforces the fact that The Secret Society is meant to be played in very short bursts, maybe once or twice a day.
So this means you can’t play the game for very long unless you buy a lot of recharging items or wait for your energy to recharge.

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