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After flying to the US to sort out compensation, the prime minister perished in mysterious circumstances. This week, Tom takes on the evil, rich Americans, al-Qaeda, plus the ambitious pollies within his own party.
Gabriel Byrne (Sospechosos habituales) interpreta al viceprimer ministro Tom Dawkins, quien a su pesar se convierte en el heroe de este thriller contemporaneo cuya trama principal se basa en la conspiracion.
Douglas Hodge (Robin Hood), Gina McKee (In the Loop), Charles Dance (Gosford Park), Rupert Graves (V de Vendetta) y Ruth Negga (Guerra Mundial Z) protagonizan tambien este drama de cuatro capitulos de una hora de duracion cada uno, escrito por Robert Jones (Lennon Naked) y dirigido por Ed Fraiman (El filantropo). Un devastador accidente industrial en Teeside (Reino Unido) provoca varios muertos, planteando incomodas cuestiones acerca de los procedimientos de seguridad de la compania petroquimica estadounidense involucrada en el accidente.
Dawkins, como hombre que cree a ciegas en la transparencia de su gobierno, tendra que afrontar intereses personales, financieros y militares, tanto de su pais como internacionales, en su lucha por descubrir la verdad y conseguir justicia para las familias afectadas por el desastre. Mientras la investigacion del desastre quimico de Teeside sigue su curso, Dawkins se sumerge en la relacion secreta que el gobierno mantiene con la compania petroquimica, llegando a la conclusion de que son los grandes poderes los estan detras de todo el asunto. The political thriller may be alive and well but in recent years it has been spending time abroad. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.Use to create page breaks.

Gabriel Byrne heads a solid cast that includes Charles Dance, Rupert Graves and Gina McKee. Dawkins se ve empujado al foco de la primera linea politica cuando menos se lo espera, y arriesgara todo lo que este en su mano para asumir el poder. Con todo ello, Dawkins no solo luchara por mantener el apoyo de su partido y el respaldo del electorado, sino tambien tendra que hacer frente a las hirientes revelaciones sobre su vida personal. Elements of government conspiracy are intense flavourings of, for example, The Killing and Homeland, while back in Blighty there has been little to trouble the scorers since Paul Abbott’s State of Play nearly a decade ago. For unlimited access to every article in its entirety, including our archive of more than 10,000 pieces, we're asking for ?2.95 per month or ?25 per year. British drama has been too busy scoffing at Blair and Brown, Cameron and Clegg to worry itself with shady Whitehall cover-ups.
So it’s not exactly a surprise that the crafty and pulsating Secret State harks back to the distant yesteryear of A Very British Coup.Chris Mullin’s 1982 what-if page-turner became a landmark BBC drama by Alan Plater six years later, and is now the source for Channel 4’s new four-part drama. The plot supplied by Robert Jones (last seen less compellingly poring over the story of John and Yoko) feels at this point like its own thing. Once more we find a good man at the heart of a rotten system, in this case Deputy Prime Minister Tom Dawkins (the surname is perhaps not a coincidence), who is surrounded by a grim gallery of politicians, civil servants, security apparatchiks, all apparently in the service of big bad money.The poker face Byrne deployed in In Treatment serve him superbly hereDamocles is dangling a couple of swords over Dawkins.

An explosion at a plant in the North-East has killed 19 and injured 94, not all of them workers: the glove we see Dawkins pick up from the rubble contains tiny fingers. At a time of economic woe, Dawkins’s party of government is shortly to face the wrath of the electorate.The one politician whose prospects of being returned to No 10 slump to zero is the PM (Tobias Menzies). He jets over to agree compensation with the plant’s US owners Petrofex, only for his plane to fall out of the sky on the way back. This sets off an unseemly battle for the succession, led by Rupert Graves’ weaselly pinstriped squirearch Felix Durrell and Sylvestre Le Touzel’s jackbooted scarecrow Ros Yelland. Le Touzel (pictured below right with Byrne and Graves) is a particular hoot, and clearly the cap fits because she played someone extremely similar in the final series of The Thick of It.Meanwhile, behind the scenes Charles Dance’s saturnine chief whip is yanking on all sorts of strings, and Lia Williams’ security chief, who seems to have eyes in the back of her head, is homing in on the evidence that the plane crash was the work of al-Qaeda, even if it conveniently extricates Petrofex from a verbal commitment to pay up. Although the conspiracy has so far yielded just the one extra corpse (a pathologist who smelt a very toxic rat in the bodies of two of the blast victims), by the end of this first episode hints of Petrofex’s malfeasance were becoming ever more putrid, while Dawkins’s spine was slowly stiffening.As an Irishman making his British television debut, Byrne may seem a left-field choice to play a UK politician.
But the poker face and soft voice he deployed in In Treatment serve him superbly here, and he has been surrounded by character actors who can play the layers of Secret State consummately.

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