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WASHINGTON — Newly-uncovered documents reveal that the cancerous tumor which currently threatens the life Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is a paid operative of the Central Intelligence Agency.
The files include a series of classified memos which outline the secret mission, code-named Operation Remission Impossible. According to the analyst, whose name is being withheld for no reason in particular, it is common practice for the CIA to hire diseases to take out enemy targets. Chavez’s cancer diagnosis was disclosed to the world in 2010 when the head of state traveled to Cuba for medical treatment. The leaked memos have circulated widely, but other news organizations have been reluctant to report on the CIA’s connection to the tumor.

The late Robert Novak, who in 2003 exposed the identity of CIA operative Valerie Plame in The Washington Post, defended The Tattler. As reported by the Kremlin  Moscow, Russia — The great and powerful leader Vladmir Putin today saved a ship carrying 75 Siberian orphans from a giant octopus.
The Truth Changes Everything Sometimes it seems everyone has a different idea of what is true. The documents do not include its exact whereabouts, but do indicate that the cancerous lesion was affiliated with the CIA as early as 2008.
Chavez has returned to Cuba on numerous occasions and is known to have undergone three surgeries and two rounds of radiation there.

The deadly mass was apparently recruited by the agency when it was still a pre-malignant nodule and encouraged to develop into a life-threatening neoplasm through a series of cash payments.
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the secret the power audiobook

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