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You might be visualising the idea spot at the beach to sit back and take in the sun, the sea and the lifestyle of all things summer. If you've done The Secret, read The Vortex and perused The Power, you might find The Wish an interesting read.
If your looking for a gift for a friend or family member who is always seeking, then this is one to add to the list for them. Written by Angela Donovan it includes a range of metaphysical and practical meditations and concepts to help you find your bliss.
Do you think that by this time next year, I could find the secret, use the power and through the vortex create a luxury lifestyle of my own?

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This total amount does NOT include domestic delivery fee.Delivery charge is subject according to the seller's delivery policy. To help you create this scene in real life, there is a new book called The Wish that might be ideal to help create that experience. Even if you haven't read the any of the above, you might find it an interesting motivational book to help you meditate your way to an abundance filled life. After reading The Wish, I might get my infinite pool, the yacht, brilliant sunset evenings and all I desire.

Hide your passports, currency, documents, jewelry, account numbers, credit cards, and keepsakes.
Use the two Hot Rods that come with this DVD and in no time you will be fooling your friends with the Color Changing Rod mystery!
Once you learn the Paddle Move, you'll be able to perform so many other similar tricks with ease!

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the secret wish list book review

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