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Many people may not know the name Tim Davis, although some of you may recognise the Twitter nameA Loudmouthmuch.
After starting to sing, I began to listen to vocal groups like The Singers Unlimited, and Manhattan Transfer. A vocal arranger comes up with the different parts or harmonies for a group to sing and tries to make it compliment the lead singer and the instrumental track. A vocal contractor is a singer who hires other singers to sing with them on a project in film, television, or artist recordings. In my early 20’s I auditioned a couple of times for a gospel group that I really wanted to be a part of.
You have many films on your site that you were involved in: Happy Feet, iRobot, Wolverine to name but a few. I was hired not to be a specific voice of a character, but to sing in the choirs within the score of the film. Are you involved in the musical arrangement of songs or purely the vocal changes for the music? Adam Anders is the Music Producer for the show, and he and his production team producer and arrange the music (tracks) for the songs on the show.

What is one thing the world does NOT know about you that you cringe at when people find out?
Most intresting interview of someone I had not heard of before – which is most people.
I love this guy and happy to red all the hard stuffs He did as a Vocal Musician, love his heart,good work Tim, kepp Luck,cheers! Tim currently works as a vocal contractor and vocal arranger for the hit TV show Glee, however I guarantee that you would have heard his work many times over the years.
As an instrumentalist, I was driven to decipher the harmonies, and would write out the vocal arrangements that I heard. It utilizes literally every skill in my arsenal, including singing, arranging, engineering, and administration. I’ve taken a number of acting classes, and been to a handful of auditions for commercials and film, but have never landed anything. This is an e-rumor based solely on conjecture from a picture I took with Matt Bomer and Darren Criss!
I am hired by Adam to arrange vocals with him and to contract any outside singers that might be needed.

I don’t believe I would cringe at anything, but whenever I mention that I played the trombone from 5th grade through my college career, others cringe!! A Every breath, tone and pitch can be analyzed and requires more vocal control and awareness of ones voice, whereas singing live is mostly aboutA performing. If I had been accepted, my life would have gone in a completely different direction and I wouldn’t be talking with you today. A Jeremy Soule is the mastermind behind the award winning music for that game, and the one who hired me for that. Let us hope that after the public response garnered from that photo, Ryan Murphy may consider his options! I had no training, and no idea if I was doing anything righta€¦ But I liked how it sounded.
The one with Matt and Darren, I posted on instagram, mainly for the crew since I had very few followers at the time.

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