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These colour points are probably as accurate as one could get on a flat panel television that does not offer an advanced colour management system. Black level was gratifyingly deep, though not as good as that on the reference-level Pioneer PDP4280XD. The director employed a fair amount of jerky camera shots (especially in combat scenes) to give the movie a more gritty and visceral feel. Watching standard definition broadcast on a 50-inch 1080 screen is an exercise in seating yourself far enough from the television to avoid seeing too many artifacts. Now I'm not entirely sure of the rate at which the PS50P96FDX screen refreshes, but what I can say is that judder was significantly reduced, judging from the overhead panning shots during the violent bank heist opening sequence. From twelve feet away, the SD performance on the PS50P96FDX just about reached my level of expectation in terms of picture cleanliness and detail preservation.

Essential for character development, the camera naturally focused quite a lot on the faces of the protagonists.
As with most video artifacts, sit far enough from the TV and you probably won't see these DFCs, but in doing so you may be giving up picture detail and viewing perspective. She runs So's Reel Thoughts (duh) which highlights international, independent, and genre films. In fact, I thought that it looked overexposed, so I lowered [Gamma] to -2 (and subsequently recalibrated the television) to boost image contrast and achieve a more realistic rise from black.
Here's where dynamic false contouring reared its ugly head: a bob of the head or a shift in camera angle would bring about distinct colour bands with dithering edges in areas where there should be seamless gradation of skin tone. Because image retention remained a problem, ample precaution is advised for the first few hundred hours before indulging in long gaming sessions.

The action scenes were reasonably realistic, but the plot was too predictable (partners becoming enemies, a nasty superior, backstabbing, etc.) and sometimes downright ridiculous. I suspect this might be a sign of suboptimal subfield organisation and insufficient compensatory electronics that are probably inevitable in a first-generation 1080p plasma.

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