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So this Past Weekend I was Breezing through some information a few days ago during 0ne of my Funday Sundays at the Barnes and Nobles.
I couldn't be Grateful Enough for the Sacred Indiviuals who had to Play Stupid all these Countless years to Keep Hope Alive.
She had a Wild streak about her that till this day still has a little influence in my Picture Perfect daily Life. I don’t know Whether to be scared for People or be Frightened of what I’m capableof doing to Others who does decide to push the wrong buttons.

An Uncontrolable Six Sense that I actually take Pleasure in Enforcing to that 0ne Being who attempts Harm.
I have no Fear in Breaking Other People’s Hearts to Protect all the Love that I have surrounding Me and Life itself. It’s what restored a Lost Faith I didn’t know Existed and I Smile A lot more Every Day because I’m not the only 0ne who Knows. Years ago in School I used to sit and doodle in my Notebook pad and Mindfully Draw and stare at the Necker Cube.

Only Reason I'm beginning to Flip through Books is because my Brother Told Me not to Long ago. It's No Wonder my Father was so Forceful with me as a Child to Know how to Read and Sharpen my Reading Skills.

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the secrets chastisement and triumph

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