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Uma professora de ciencias de uma escola de 2? grau, que gostava de dar uma de arqueologa nas horas de folga, foi numa dessas incursoes que encontrou no Egito, um amuleto que pertencera a Deusa Isis, sendo o mesmo dotado de poderes magicos.
As indicated on commentary in the 2007 DVD release of the series, and supported by examining broadcast premiere dates, Secrets of Isis was the first weekly American live-action television series starring a female superhero (predating the weekly debuts of both Wonder Woman (TV series) and The Bionic Woman; the character Batgirl had been a regular on the final season of the 1960's series Batman, but was not the lead character). 3000 years later, a young science teacher dug up this lost treasure, and found she was heir to --- The Secrets of Isis!
And so, unknown to even her closest friends, Rick Mason and Cindy Lee (later Rennie Carroll), she became a dual person: Andrea Thomas, teacher .
The Secrets of Isis (also called simply Isis) starred JoAnna Cameron as Andrea Thomas, a high school science teacher who found an ancient mystical amulet on an archeological dig in Egypt. As Isis she was given great strength, the ability to move inanimate objects, and the power to fly and run at super speed.
VIDEO: DOCUMENTARY about the political nature of ISIS and who is covertly funding and supporting them. Andrea Thomas (Joanna Cameron) seems like an ordinary high school science teacher, albeit one who keeps a pet raven in the classroom. Everyone races uphill in pursuit of the saucers, but Cindy Lee realizes she’s out of film, and runs back to the jeep. This entry was posted in Late Night TV and tagged 70's, Action, Egypt, Fantasy, Saturday Morning TV, Superhero. Prior to the release of the live action Isis, BCI released the animated Isis on DVD on August 22, 2006.
Isis Appreciation Page - the most comprehensive Isis, with interviews, multimedia, and more!
NOTE - This item only contains the first 5 episodes of Season 1, not the complete series as solicited.
De posse do amuleto, pronuncia as palavras "Poderosa Isis" e se transforma na heroina, sendo inclusive capaz de voar. It was produced by Filmation in the 1970's originally titled Isis that appeared during the Saturday morning cartoon lineup. The amulet belonged to Hatshepsut, an ancient Egyptian Queen and it gave the wearer the powers of Isis.

To invoke her powers, she often intoned rhythmic rhyming chants, such as "O zephyr winds which blow on high, lift me now so I can fly," which enabled her to fly. The success of the show led to syndication of the series the following year as The Secrets of Isis, reruns of the 22 previously-produced episodes. Although Isis is often cited as a DC creation, the series is one of the very few Filmation originals (most of their creations were adaptations of previously existing material); the character was created specifically for the television series and was only later adapted for comics.
Granted, some people are abandoning their homes and leaving the state, and there have even been several reported disappearances, but none of this is worth the sheriff’s time.
Andrea takes a sample, scientific-like, just before the sheriff calls them away: a new UFO-marking has been found.
Moss, you see, had discovered gold at Mountain Park, and so he had to scare the property owners into selling their land with the ruse of UFOs, and the able assistance of Chick and Art.
The series might be of interest to Isis fans because the "Cover Twirl" episode features an appearance of the animated Isis. The DVD features every episode of two Filmation animated series from the late 70s, the Space Sentinels and the Freedom Force. She was Saturday morning's first live-action super-heroine, saving lives and stopping crime in a mini-skirt and go-go boots on The Secrets of Isis!
Isis tem por finalidade combater o crime, ajudar pessoas que estao em perigo e sempre que precisa de algo diferente, recita versos invocando algum Deus egipcio. Andrea, by virtue of being able to open the casing in which the amulet rested, was recognized as an heir to Isis's secrets. Isis used her powers for good by capturing criminals, righting wrongs, and helping anyone who was in danger.
Andrea takes off her oversized glasses and makes a serious face, which she did in the last scene as well, and is, in general, the reason why she wears glasses.
She puts her fists on her hips and looks concerned, a move which invokes her mystical, ancient-Egyptian ability to overheat car engines.
Isis appeared in three episodes of the series, "The Odd Couple," "Out of Focus," and "Finders Keepers." The series is not available in stores, but can be purchased through Amazon. For those not familiar with Hero High, it was a segment on the 1981 series, The Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam!, which featured two animated sequences Hero High and Shazam!, bookended by live action footage of the Hero High characters performing songs and telling jokes (similar to Kaptain Kool and the Kongs on The Krofft Supershow).

Isis was a member of the latter group and both series (and teams) featured the character Hercules. When science teacher Andrea Thomas unearthed a lost treasure on an archeological dig, she found that the mystical amulet endowed her with the powers given to the ancient Egyptian Queen, Isis! Unlike other superheroes who responded when people called their name, Isis often came to the rescue of people who didn't call for her, arriving in the nick of time and encouraging the evildoer to see the error of their ways through self-reflection. Isis later appeared in animated form (voiced by Diane Pershing) on Filmation's Tarzan and the Super 7 show in 1980, as part of a segment called The Freedom Force, as well as a guest appearance on the cartoon Hero High. The sheriff at last agrees to take them to see the scorched markings supposedly left by a flying saucer. Now granted the powers of animals and the elements, Isis soars as the falcon soared, runs with the speed of gazelles, and commands the elements of the sky and the earth. Even without the help of Isis, Andrea Thomas demonstrates high intellect (in the episode "The Sound of Silence," she invents a force field powered by a uranium pellet), and also has some abilities even when not in the guise of Isis, such as in "Sound of Silence" when she gives telepathic instructions to her pet mynah bird Tut.
Moss pulls the smoking vehicle aside and begins to run, red-faced, sweaty, looking for all the world that he’s three paces away from a stroke. Although her secret identity is unknown to even her closest friends, fellow teacher Rick Mason, or students Cindy Lee and Renee Carrol, Andrea uses her powers as Isis to stop criminals, save lives, right wrongs, and teach valuable lessons! Lest you be held in suspense, we immediately cut to Cindy Lee, being driven down the mountain by Chick and Art, who have glum, guilty looks upon their faces, though she’s ecstatic that they saved her from the aliens.
And so, as Andrea shares a secretive look with the camera and the music rises, another adventure comes to a close. When she gets out of the car to look for more UFOs (this consists of standing still and looking about vacantly), Chick and Art steal her photos, which they don’t feel too good about. That’s when the collective conscience of Chick and Art presses down upon them at long last, and hurriedly they drive little, innocent Cindy Lee away.

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