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As early as the late 1800s, Navajo weavers illustrated their textiles with pictures of animals and human forms.
A favorite topical rug has evolved, the Tree of Life, consisting of a corn stalk often growing out of a Navajo ceremonial basket, with multi-colored birds.
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The Tree of Life is a perfect gift for someone marking a change in their life such as Confirmation, graduation, retirement, or other major events. My wife was very pleased with the Tree of Life cross, and I was very pleased with the quick and attentive service.

The Tree of Life is growing, flexible and adaptable life pattern capable of indefinite extensions throughout all states of existence.
The pictorial rug of today is comprised of a variety of subject matter: pickup trucks, hogans, mountains, horses, sheep and cattle to name a few.
Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo present a persuasive argument for raising children in a life-giving home environment. The Qabalah, or "received teachings," is the outcome of experiences of those who have climbed the ladder of the Tree by arranging their lives according to its pattern of perfection. The Tree provides the means of receiving inner world contacts with types of consciuosness normally inaccessible to the ordinary human mind--it is from and through these sources that the "teaching" comes.

Here William Gray has presented a step by step guide to the Tree of Life and the Four Worlds of the Qabalahs--the worlds of contemplation, meditation, magic and daily action. It is a map for helping you attain the single objective common to all systems, mysteries and religions--namely, the mystical union of humanity and divinity.

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the tree of life bookstore of harlem

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