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Read on…… Enjoy, soak it up, then go on out there and become the grandest greatest most amazing version of you! To see the Law of Attraction in Action we must take inspired action.  To manifest the things we desire we must engage in actions which support our desires as well as our thoughts, dreams, emotions and words. This entry was posted in ¦ 12 Universal Laws ¦ and tagged 12 universal laws, 21 charater traits, 21 sub laws, law of attraction, law of polarity, The Law of Action, The Law of Cause and Effect, The Law of Compensation, The Law of Correspondence, The Law of Divine Oneness, The Law of Gender, The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy, The Law of Relativity, the law of the universe, The Law of Vibration, universal laws made easy by Liz Green.
The Earthball is a fantastic tool for discussing our planet with children, combining playtime with education!
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Yes, for less than the price of a seminar program or consultation with a personal coach, you can uncover all the information and strategies you need to know to harness the hidden power of universal laws in your own life for success and abundance all for just this one teeny-tiny fee! The power of bring about wonderful changes and achievements in your life is now yours, as soon as you armed with the essential blueprint you need!
You too now have to opportunity to really enact some powerful changes and choices in your life, all by harness the influence of universal laws in every aspect of your life. You can be on the way toward achieving all that you have wanted in life in less than 5 minutes when you order right now. We have all been well-aware of all the events taking place here and how much so many of you ones have suffered! Suddenly, the prices for purchasing chicken, turkey, eggs and so forth at your super markets skyrocket, do you think it is a co-in-cidence or can you clearly see the intentional price rigging which lies behind the scenes? Now, I have especially over the last several years made mention that many, many peoples on this planet shall relocate. As my Celestial daughter and our David are well aware, that was the final demarcation of which landmasses would be able to be saved and which would not be. As amazing and ridiculous as it seems to be to us, no one paid that much attention to IS until those evil perpetrators began to strike closer to other peoples homes and families. Now, we all understood that between the weather changes and the attacks by the dark monsters in the Middle East, Africa and so many other countries, that the very thought of peoples struggling to survive and needing to be relocated to other countries in order for those peoples to actually survive, would shake nearly all peoples out of their “safety cocoon” because “oh no, what are we going to do?
Yes, it never fails that there will be some criminal elements disguising themselves as “those in need.” It will not really take that long for these ones to be ferreted out. Note from Celest and David: If you have not already, please be sure to read the archived information about the Online Walk-In Summit(s) on the Walk-In Summit website. Blue Star’s 3 books “Blue Star the Pleiadian – My Teachings through Transmissions” contain most of his previous Transmissions.
Blue Star the Pleiadian’s June transmission also contains messages from Master Kato and the collective of Masters. Blue Star… Greetings to all our Planetizens and to all Earthizens.  Now, there is much to say and little “time” to say it all.
This is the time of the blowing of “The Great Conch.” This event has had to be performed ONE TIME during each previous millennia that has ever been here. Yet our beloved Terra moved on sans the human beings who should have continued to live and thrive here. Master Kato and the collective of Masters … We are joining each of you here because we specifically requested of Blue Star that we too be permitted to speak as one voice. We who are The Masters have been diligently observing AND helping all of our own descendents here for a long time. Blue Star …Now, The Great Conch was initially developed by a dedicated grouping of male and female Beings from the Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius and Andromeda. Throughout each preceding millennia all the Luminescents have asked for millions of you ones to volunteer and assist the Great Conch with your combined voices, thoughts, hearts, Souls and INTENTS. There is a possibility that there will be some nuclear events that take place later this year. The Hand of God, the Eye of the Storm have been assisting each one who PUSHs, for we have seen irrevocable PROOF that Project PUSH is working in an awesome manner. Most unfortunately however, once someone enters the sub-culture world, they quickly mesmerize other people, especially the YOUNG.
Most spiritual seekers are aware of the more well-known Universal Laws, particularly the Law of Attraction. However, did you know there are several other spiritual laws that govern the Universe? Yes, there are! I must say that after learning about this amazing Law and applying it to my life (with the help of Rhonda Byrne’s brilliant book, The Secret) my very existence has radically changed.
It is important you place your focus on positive intentions only and to not dwell on any bad ones. In doing so, voila, you will be putting the Law of Attraction to work for you and attract whatever you desire and deserve into your life, as soon as is cosmically possible!
The Law of Transmutation teaches that as we are constantly evolving, there is always the possibility of changing our lives for the better. It is important, therefore, that we always remain open to new ideas and suggestions that could improve our earthly experience and the lives of those who are on our life path. For example, does your neighbor truly have a better job than you, or have you got more time and freedom to enjoy your day than he does? It is necessary therefore to allow our masculine side to spur us on, when the situation demands it, and our feminine, more creative side to bring forth fresh ideas and thoughts when needed. Over time, however, we should come to see our energies as more of an equal mix, rather than two opposites.
Our world consists of a series of cycles which occur in many ways, such as those within our bodies and Mother Nature herself via the seasons she brings.
The lesson to be learned here is that if we honor the natural cycles of our bodies and the Universe at large, and simply go with them, we will cultivate a harmony within ourselves that makes us happier people and promotes a more harmonious world. About The Author: Lucinda is a highly trained Intuitive and Empath, living in a beautiful village in North Yorkshire, England. Thank you for sharing and doing YOUR part in creating a better, more inclusive world through increasing the consciousness of these primal Truths.
I admire the work you do and can’t get enought of your positivity I look forward everyday to see your post and videos. They ensure certain outcomes for certain situations, cause and effect, ebb and flow… and from today, you can harness these energies for your own personal success. Yes, ALL people, regardless of their race, age, gender, or nationality instinctively follow them, whether or not they knew these laws existed at all.
With the power of universal laws lying in your hands, you have the ability to alter your mindset and mold your thoughts and emotions to bring you the very thing you desire! See how these laws have brought forth prosperity, contentment, happiness, and freedom to those who knew how to apply them properly. These laws are the very factors that can give you financial freedom, fame, and supreme happiness in life, if used appropriately!

You can make these laws as tools to advance your way towards the life that you really wanted for yourself and your family. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied or do not love the fact that you are now living a more empowered, successful life, simply return it and receive back every penny. Your book will be delivered directly to you, and you’ll have it handy to refer to whenever you need guidance and inspiration. If even the smallest thing is bothering you or eluding you in life, do something about it and harness the power of universal laws to enact the changes you need. Secure your very own copy of the incredible ‘Discover The Secret Power Of Universal Laws’ today, and begin your path to greater success and satisfaction in life starting now!
Wouldn’t your busy life be more enjoyable and fulfilling if you could achieve all those long-held dreams and wishes? WE have been successful at heading-off many synchronized invasive attacks on peoples in many countries.
I found it interesting in a disturbing way to listen to the vast numbers of mind-thoughts from those among all Advocate groupings whose thoughts centered around, “well, I want to move somewhere else anyway.” Obviously those thoughts MAY make their moving efforts easier to live with, but if they do not understand WHY they must move, then they are clearly not looking behind the scenes and therefore are NOT knowing, they are no-ing. When I, accompanied by thousands and thousands of other Star Keepers arrived on this planet on that fateful October day in 2007, the Mother Ship glistened with all her own natural beauty and that beauty was enhanced exponentially by the pure love, the excitement and the most evolved forms of joy that all her passengers were experiencing. Tell me Advocates: you know only a bit about IS to be sure, but how many of you ones have bothered to look behind the scenes and see if you can figure out not only WHO and WHAT is pulling the IS strings, but how are they being bankrolled? This was a grand gesture of each species’ understanding that this was an event that had to take place. Yes, the newly arriving peoples will put a strain on the countries’ resources, and with winter quickly coming around the corner ALL peoples will feel the strain to one degree or another of food and water shortages. At 2pm EST I suddenly heard the Mother Ship in the distance but closer to us were regular size air ships.
Master Kato is the “spokesman” for their collective; however ALL the Masters speak with him by using their collective voice, in this manner they speak as one voice.
Therefore I will try to be as exact in my manner of speaking as possible and yet delve as deeply into these subjects as I am permitted to. It had to be done in order to preserve as much as possible of civilizations which had run amuck. All right chelas, now it is the same yet different scenario; many roles have changed here and yet many of the same Souls who are Atlanteans are exercising their perception of their birthright and are here again and reprising the old ways of living and savaging other peoples here yet again. We are all doing so because time is so short now; the spatialness of this Universe will no longer be encroached upon by the dark energies.
We will continue to do so just as we have been assisting all the good Souls of each race, each civilization.
Please to note I said “a possibility” I did NOT say, “written in stone.” Even as I speak with you ones 2 countries are quietly planning to test more nuclear missiles by firing into the seas and intimidating “adjoining countries.” That is NOT a war! Truly, you ones have no idea of how much effort and dedication is being provided for you in order to better prepare you for the road that lies ahead. Then one by one, step by step, the people are taken over by the darkness of the sub-cultures and are now among the most deadly human beings here.
Simply by focusing on your desired outcome, with sufficient belief and passion, you should surely attract it to yourself. If you could liken them to little magnets that attract people, events and circumstances to yourself, then you will be well on your way to both understanding not only how this Law works, but how to make it work for you. Therefore, it is most necessary to accept change, see it as a positive, acknowledge that it cannot be controlled and embrace and accept it, rather than fear and resist it. Indeed, it is a fact that everything changes and change itself is the only thing which is constant in life. In short, positive change can benefit everybody so don’t fear or try to reject it, but rather welcome it instead.
As indicated earlier, energy quite simply just exists; it is neither destroyed or created, but will have a period of blossoming, wilting and then will bloom once more. Both are processes of growth and development, some of which are longer (the birth, death, rebirth cycle) and others shorter (like the night to day cycle). Now, while this natural flow of Universal energy will promote both peaks and troughs in everything contained within it, including current affairs and relationships, once a peak is reached and decline follows, there will always be a new cycle after that. She possesses the rare gift of understanding a client's personal pain and has been through many challenges, herself, which has only made her stronger! It has shown astronomers many objects that they hadn’t previously discovered in the cloud. Realize that with these laws behind you, you have the ability to conquer anything and be triumphant in everything that you do!
For this very low price, with an incredible guarantee, embracing all the success and joys life has to offer is now as easy as clicking a button!
In great part we ourselves have been even more inspired to give 100% of ourselves due to the nonverbal not so quiet yells you ones have been sending out to the dark as you yelled, “you shall NOT win, you shall NOT stop us!” Advocates, it is of primary, crucial importance that each Planetizen use all the sentience you each have and continue to Create the miracles that you have been Creating. Many peoples on the planet have been becoming restless, antsy and downright discouraged of late, with little understanding of why it happens to them. I was of course commanding my own air ship and could feel all those wondrous sensations emanating from my fellow travelers who were on the Mother Ship, as well as all those other air ships. Part of the Declaration of Faith and Freedom that the Luminescents designed, was to have many peoples MOVED by the process of “forced migration.” This type of migration became necessary in order to attempt to save as many goodhearted peoples lives as Divinely possible.
And so it is as of this current Earth time-period, that so many migrations are occurring all day and all night. Do not be deceived however and ignorantly place the blame for the food and water shortages on the new arrivals. We both paid close attention as the Ships sent us their usual music which they love to use to herald their arrival here. This time is no different unfortunately; yet again humankind is coming close to utter extinction caused by their own minds, hearts AND deadly technology.
This can not and will not be tolerated any longer, not by us, not by any of the Luminescents and NOT by the Creator HimSelf! However, we too feel the empathy that Blue Star and the rest of the Star Keepers have for the Souls who are struggling to maintain their Spiritual equanimity while trying to cope with the practical world.
In essence what the Conch does is to awaken millions of peoples on the Earth Star planet to their destiny, usually to their COMBINED destinies, YET it assists in the final eradication of dark forces that have had peoples here held in bondage.
Now, if you have read “Advocates for Justice” you will have a clearer understanding of all that is asked of you AND WHY!
This then Planetizens and Earthizens, is one of the primary reasons why the Project PUSHes were initiated! The militaries, skinheads, KKK, religious fanatics etc., have sub-cultures deeply embedded in their groups and so it is that the subees are hiding in plain sight.
So, yes, failure can be turned into success, grief into joy and frustration into satisfaction.
Therefore we should accept both these aspects of ourselves, allowing neither energy to dominate, but instead to remain in harmony with each other.
That always happens when I strike a nerve in many peoples because I speak of things they do NOT want to hear. All peoples NOW are being given a final warning by us; use the sentiences you have or you will lose them! They have been heard especially lately, to applaud all the heavy flooding and serious downpours of rain everywhere. Most of these ones are peoples who are scheduled by US to move at a specific time, to a specific place.
It was throughout that wondrous most eventful period while we were all here on the Earth Star planet, that the Luminescent of this Universe, the Being you call “God” implemented a schematic event which He in conjunction with all the other Luminescents had designed. We understood that we would not be able to save them all, but we knew we would revel and rejoice with the saving of each one possible. They were PLANTED on the scene and received large amounts of cash rewards based on their combined abilities to plunder and slaughter good peoples.
I have warned you ones especially for the last few years, as has Master Kato and the Collective of Masters, as has Shamaan Eagle’s Messengers, as has Celest and David and GOD HIMSELF that these were the times you would all need to endure.
Please hold on to all your sentience very firmly and be prepared to use it with all that I speak with you about. Those among you including Celestial of course, who did live as Atlanteans and DID survive the final destruction of Atlantis, are all too well aware of how technology and warped minds caused the FINAL downfall of a once immaculate grouping of civilizations. Too many Universal lines have been crossed; too many dedicated peoples, animals, flora and fauna have been ravaged beyond repair.
We did so and are still doing so in order to bypass your conscious minds and deal solely with your Soul Self. In order for this to be effective sub-cultures must be not only exposed for the deviates they are, but the peoples who are the “subees” must also pay the price for how they are living and for the damage they have heaped upon civilizations as a whole. It is of critical importance that you ones EACH whether individually or collectively join forces now, for The Time is Now for all good Souls to Unite and join us in our collaborative venture and activate the Great Conch.
I am now sending a clear warning to all peoples who fail to participate in the great task of the reformation of planet Earth Star.
These sub-cultures attract weak minds, poverty stricken people as well as very wealthy people. And whenever she needs a little help herself, her Guides are always there to assist in her development and provide clear interpretations for her clients. What your Souls have freely shared with all you ones by enhancing and elongating your sentience, can easily be removed by Soul.

Yet they have been heard to say ad nauseam that because of the torrential rain events and the flooding, the drought will end.
Oftentimes we have held back that information to many of them simply because of their lack of PATIENCE. It was clearly understood that the horrible wars that mankind has created here would be one major reason for evacuating peoples from certain countries. Now that the Middle East itself is also being attacked by them… among attacks by their own sworn enemies, the Middle East is sitting up and taking notice. It was inevitable that peoples in all countries where the terrified fleeing men, women and CHILDREN were headed to were and still are, in shock and are horrified that they must take in so many refugees.
Food and water shortages have been the byproducts of many spoiled peoples here and those who did not tend to Terra AS THEY SHOULD HAVE! It is indeed with a heavy heart and my own tired Soul that I must impress upon all of you ones that the time of escapism has ended; bringing forth the time of all new beginnings for the new world which is now emerging.
While you were sleeping the subees have been capturing the minds and the thought patterns of peoples here, especially the young, and perverting them and causing them to be deadly killing machines, sexual perverts and predators. Over the past 20 years they have become much more proficient at ensnaring all people who are the “weak links” in their countries. Prediction has always been a great tool she could count on to accurately foretell events, but Lucinda also draws on her expertise with Dream Interpretation, Numerology, Angel Cards, Law of Attraction and Life Coaching to provide full and detailed solutions to any problem. So many, many of you ones have experienced great trepidation about the many things occurring here on the Earth Star planet. We have all spent so many millennia watching over all Advocates and all other Earthizens and taking note of who had changed and who had not. It was well-known that although many peoples would be loath to leave their homelands here, if they did not leave there was a 99.99% certainty that they would perish long before their time to do so. Ironically and depressingly sadly, peoples do not want to become involved in “other peoples problems,” UNTIL those problems affect them as well! Although I must tell you that arrangements had been set into motion so that MANY animals of all species were “transported” to other planets in other Universes.
I ask that you each spend some time each day and send Light and Love to those who are in need of it most.
I am saddened by the necessity of this gridline intersection because it means that literally so many, many millions of peoples will leave the planet.
That is inspiring for us; for we did not leave any stone unturned in our efforts to awaken those whom we could. Millions of lives and destinies which have been written in stone, including your own, now hang in the balance. And “you ain’t seen nothing yet!”  As crude as that phrase is, it is most appropriate here. The most powerful men and women willingly join deviate organizations such as “Skulls” and others of different names.
A member of AMORC and Beyond Freedom Evolution, she provides inspiration, education and personal support for spiritual development. Now, far too many of you ones still fail to look behind the scenes to correctly ascertain what is really going on. It is most unfortunate that far too many peoples want so desperately to believe this misinformation that they CHOOSE to believe it rather than to look behind the scenes and search for the truth.
Those periods had all been a preamble to “coming events” which actually began 50 plus years ago.
After all, they came from other Universes initially anyway and were NOT responsible for the behemoth-type of leviathan behavior that humankind has wrought upon the Earth!
Then and only then will you really understand what it means to be fleeing in other peoples’ footsteps. Please understand that the blowing of the Great Conch is not what we looked forward to either. There will be a constant increase of underwater earthquakes and underground volcanoes erupting, thus these events will move the Earth underground far more than your scientists will expect. The subees psyches’ are becoming much more fractured than they were, and they were already in a critical state of derangement.
The bizarre world of politics and the demented world of the entertainment industry should have a sign reading, “no vacancy.” For in truth these 2 deleterious industries are filled to overflowing with some of the worst of the subees.
Although this is understandable it would behoove you one and all to LEARN to see and be aware of all the things that are illusions postulating as reality and all the realities that are being cloaked from your sentience. When you hear or read about the massive slaughtering of chickens and turkeys for example and are told it is because of bird flu, do you believe it to be true? Now, so it came to be that when we were all here in 07, great numbers of our Star Keepers as well as many of our most evolved scientists descended here with specific instructions about connecting with certain of our stellar families living here and testing all parts of this planet’s waters, land, atmospheric conditions and so forth. Far too many of you ones arrived here with a mission to accomplish; not only for yourselves but for interplanetary evolvement as well.
Nearly all the migrants to date are being directed to countries where some of them will only stay for shorter periods than others, yet there will be many who will remain there and begin NEW colonies of peoples. I ask you each to blend your own Soul’s Song with the Soul Songs of the peoples in need, even though you may never meet them in person. For when that event is called-in awaiting the final activation, then it is too late for anyone to ask for any more time to alter their beliefs or their intentions.
Above ground there will be long periods of howling winds, there will be more earthquakes and some volcanoes erupting and DRY Earth pummeling both man and beast. PUSH, the Conch and the Changer have been asked to work together to form a cohesive pattern: this pattern will continue to embellish all the electromagnetic energy which is emitted by each person here who is a PUSHer. Because these two “professions” manage to seem glamorous, exciting, and provocative, it is simplicity itself to attract the weak minds of those wannabes and soon have them addicted to the worst types of carnal sex and deadly drugs. Now, it had been deemed of critical importance by the dark riders that NOW IS THE TIME for many of humankind to be rattled out of their intent to continue to STAND. Many of these migrations were based on our foreknowledge of which landmasses would continue to sink the fastest.
Now, about 15 years ago all the caretakers of each species of animals, regardless if they lived beneath the waters, in the air, or on land, were summoned to the Great Hall of Justice and were issued a dictum directing them to begin a slow animal species migration in order for many animal species to be saved from certain death. Winter People are guiding these ones on their journeys with or without the frightened peoples’ conscious knowledge.
The objective that so many of humankind have to move forward and to continue to STAND, is taking place even while at the same time so many others among them are still falling.
The other reasons were because of so many horribly evil groups such as “IS” and the dark master living among peoples in the Middle East.
So many of these peoples had no desire to leave their home countries; they do not wish to live among others who are “different” from them.
I ask you each to “stand down” when thinking uncharitable thoughts about these terrified peoples.
I ask you ones to stop saying, “the handwriting is on the wall.” Both the handwriting and wall disappeared in late 2012. The incontrovertible FACT that so many Advocates are STANDing, is in itself a great tribute to the human Spirit to prevail and circumvent the evil doers’ plans. Unfortunately, this is what happens to all peoples of all cultures when they have chosen to remain insulated from other races and other religions.
And I promise you one and all that those who foster dark thoughts or deep anger about these peoples will have a price to pay. Now, it should be quite evident to all peoples of all races that “The Great Changer” walks upon Terra and will NOT change its direction. We ourselves along with the Collective of the Masters and all the Luminescents are aware that these evil planners could only be successful if fear and its concubine, which is the insatiable need to conquer humankind, would succeed on their joint mission to hide behind the scenes and gloat, chortle and applaud as many good peoples here continue to fall at an even more accelerated rate than before. This massive energy force is on a collision course with your former ways of living and dying here as well as all unhealthy actions against the good and just peoples and actions taken against Terra. Now, it is heartwarming to me and to my brethren to listen to the mind-thoughts of so many of the fleeing ones. In this instance the former ways will be no more, the Great Changer shall continue on its prescribed journey until there is no more need for its services.
Yes, indeed they are still frightened; feel alienated, and uncertain if they will ever be able to return to their homes.
BUT we have been listening as children and elders have been quietly discussing that maybe this was “meant to be.” That maybe, some Divine Being is helping them to make better changes in their lives. They can feel the anger and the fear of the peoples who live in the countries that they are now living in themselves.
So, you have the fears of the people who feel their countries are being invaded and the fears of those who have fled to those countries for SURVIVAL.

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