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Saturday night's Florida Lotto drawing has yielded no grand prize winner for the $2 million grand prize.
Even though the grand prize was not hit Saturday evening, some players still walked away with big prizes. With five different prize levels, the Saturday night's drawing created 160,930 winning tickets across Florida. Florida Lotto operates a pari-mutuel game whereby prizes are given based on the amount of tickets sold and the number of winners for each prize level with 25% of the amount of ticket sales accumulated in the jackpot prize pool.
There was a significant change that came to the Florida Lotto on October 24, 1999 when 4 additional numbers were then added making 53 numbers total for all players to get to choose from but this makes it difficult for players to have a shot at winning the big jackpot. Lotto Plus was forced to be discontinued in October 2009 because the existing features were unable to offer consolation prizes for getting a match on at least 3 of the numbers, and so it became hard to compete against Power Play, which offers prizes for each level of Powerball prizes but excluding the jackpot.
Florida Lotto introduced the Lotto Xtra tickets which when bought together wins a free play Lotto Xtra for a 2 of 6 matches.
Florida Lotto with added Xtra allows a player the chance to win even more on non-jackpot prizes by anywhere from 2-5 times the original amount all for $1 more per day.
A player selects 6 different numbers that range from 1 to 53, or you can opt to use the Quick Pick option in the panel and allow the machine to choose all of your numbers or just a select few. In order to multiply winnings on y of the -jackpot prizes you can opt to choose the Xtra box. When a player wants to play the same numbers another day or so or for more than one drawing, they will have to make sure they inform the person helping them, and they will need to tell them how many additional advance draws they want to play.
Hand in your completed slip together with your payment and give it to the retailer and take your printed ticket with your numbers, and also the draw date and the total cost of the ticket. If however, a player decides to claim a prize on winning an Advance Play ticket before all of the tickets have occurred, then they will be issued with a continuation ticket for the remaining draws with the same play numbers as in the original ticket.
The New York Lotto grand prize has went to a projected $24.10 million dollars after there was no grand prize winner in Saturday's drawing. Even though there was no grand prize winner Saturday evening, some players still walked away with big prizes.
New York Lotto drawings are held 2 times a week every Wednesday and Saturday at 11:21 PM Eastern Time. New York Lotto is a popular jackpot game offered by the immensely popular New York Lottery. There is no doubt that New York Lotto is not as popular as some of the other jackpot lotteries from New York Lottery, but it is nevertheless a game that generates a lot of business. Use a pen with black or blue ink (or even a pencil) to mark out the numbers of your choice.
There is no need to choose your payout option when you are buying the New York Lotto ticket.
You then need to return your completed New York Lotto playcard to the retailer so that he or she can process it.
Regular players of New York Lotto can subscribe; this will enable them to get regular updates on the lottery and also get information about the latest drawings. If a particular New York Lotto drawing does not have a jackpot then the pool money for the first prize is automatically carried forward to the next jackpot. Social ResponsibilitySocial ResponsibilityBCLC was created to have a positive impact on British Columbia. Our players help Play It Forward Thanks to players, billions of dollars have supported communities and helped B.C. Voluntary Self-Exclusion Keep gambling safe and fun by understanding how the games work and what the odds are.

How Gambling WorksHow Gambling WorksLearn how skill and knowledge factor into games of chance. Claim a Prize Find information about what to do when you win and where you can claim a prize. BC CASINOS FEEL THE THRILLSDon’t let your Thrills go southIt’s always thrilling to play in BC.
Sports Action Mobile Every twist, turn and tackle is more meaningful when you have something riding on it.
More time to buyThe Draw time is now 7:30pmYou have more time to buy all of your favourite Lotto! Finding HelpFinding HelpIf you find yourself gambling too much, or if it no longer feels like a game, there’s help if you need it. DISCLAIMER: In the event of a discrepancy between the results posted on this site and the official BCLC winning numbers report, the latter shall prevail.
The results are shown by draw date and in descending order with the latest Lotto winning numbers shown first.
With nobody hit all 6 numbers in Florida Lotto game , Wednesday night's drawing will be worth $3 million for a single winner. There were 312 second prize winners sold Saturday night's drawing, matching Match 5-of-6 winning numbers and won the second prize.
In the past 12 months, tickets matched Match 6-of-6 in the drawing of Florida Lotto, won from to , with an average of $0 payout. In the past 1 year, winning tickets of this prize tier in the drawing of Florida Lotto, won from $1,263 to $13,616, with an average of $5,528 payout. In the past 12 months, winning tickets of this prize tier in the drawing of Florida Lotto, won from $32 to $93, with an average of $71 payout. In the past 1 year, tickets of this prize tier in Florida Lotto drawing, won a minimum of $5 to max $6. The first drawing that was mid-week was held on October 27 of 1999 after the second weekly drawings were added on Wednesday nights. As long as a player increases their wager up to $2 and can match 6 numbers, they will win $10 million along with their share of the jackpot. The numbers from Saturday night, May 21st, 2016 were 11, 28, 43, 48, 51, 59 and bonus number 29. This company has been in business in 1967 and it has generated more than $34 billion revenue which has directly benefited the field of education.
This should not be very difficult because the playcards are available by any retailer who sells New York Lottery products. Since New York Lotto does not permit cancellation of its tickets, you need to make sure that the ticket has been printed with the correct date and numbers.
The person who is able to match 5 out of the 6 numbers marked on the playcard in addition to the bonus number will win the second prize. Similarly, if the drawing does not result in a second prize winner then the pool money for the second prize will be carried forward for the next draw and added to the second prize pool. In case you want to learn more about past results, you can look up Search Past Florida(FL) Lotto results, and Florida(FL) Lotto winning numbers calendar. The numbers drawn Saturday night, May 21st, 2016 were 08, 16, 28, 38, 43, 49 with Lotto Xtra 08-16-28-38-43-49..
Lotto Plus couldn't accumulate to prize pools since all the amounts that were wagered for it couldn't rollover where there was no jackpot winner or even where not a single winning ticket had chosen Lotto Plus.
Any tickets that are purchased after the 10.40 pm stipulated time will go towards the next Florida Lotto draw.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the winning numbers and other information posted on this website are accurate.
In case you want to learn more about past results, you can look up Search Past New York(NY) Lotto results, and New York(NY) Lotto winning numbers calendar. With five prize tiers, there were 18,623 tickets sold across New York won a total of $60,330 prizes in the Saturday, May 21st, 2016 drawing. New York Lotto jackpots start at $3,000,000 (this sum is paid out in 26 graduated installments). Keep in mind that you can only use the numbers printed on the playcard which are between 1 and 59. Also, you cannot use anything but a pencil or a pen to fill out the desired numbers on your New York Lotto playcard. Be sure to check that you get a ticket for each playcard that you submit to the retailer after completing the details. Because there is generally a rush to buy tickets on these nights it is best for you to come to the retailer well in advance of 11.00 pm so as to avoid disappointment or being inconvenienced by long queues. Consequently, sales of the Florida Lotto were badly affected with some of the rollovers going up by just $2 million for each drawing. No valid claim may be based on the winning numbers or other information contained on this website. However, rollovers have come down to $300,000 starting from the weekend of Thanksgiving last year (2012). If you do not wish to choose the numbers yourself then you could go for the Quick Pick option.
This particular bonus number is not used to determine any other New York Lotto prize levels. In the past 12 months, the second prize paid between $1,263 and $13,616 with an average payout $5,528. As a matter of fact, most people do not know that lotteries were first started as a means of raising much needed funds for various social projects such as bridges, roads, schools and even churches. If more than one person matches these numbers then they will have to share the jackpot equally.
This add-on to the New York Lotto involves an extra bonus number over and above the initial bonus number. The information should always be verified by contacting the Official Lottery before it is used in any way. If no one wins the grand prize, the top prize pool fund will be carried over to the next jackpot. 1142 lucky third prize winning ticket(s) which matched Match 4-of-6 numbers would win $75 cash. If no ticket wins the top prize, the top prize pool fund will be carried over to the next jackpot. In the event of a discrepancy between the numbers posted on this website and the official winning numbers, the official winning numbers shall control.
If no second prize winners, the second prize pool money will be carried over to the second prize pool for the next draw. In the past 12 months, the third prize paid the lowest $32 and highest $93 with an average payout $71.

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