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An eclectic reader is a reader who reads information from a variety of sources.  Reading daily from a variety of authors with different backgrounds and beliefs is an excellent way to expand your mind and change your life. How many books or articles are you reading a day?  As many of you may know, reading is something that I love to do. When I say meditate, I’m talking about taking 5-10 minutes, maybe more, to silence your mind, using this time as a form of relaxation and renewal. You may choose to utilize this time as a way of quietly focusing your mind on the images that you want to experience.  You may choose to utilize this time as a way of opening your mind to new ideas that will improve your life or solve certain problems that you’re encountering.
Are you giving your best efforts to your workouts?  I could personally do more, I work out six days a week, but I know I’m capable of seven.  Are you giving your best? Working out improves your life’s expectancy, overall health, the way you look, and the way you feel about yourself.  Why would anyone not do it?
The saying is true, “You are what you eat.”   The only source your body has to re-create itself is the food that you give it, so don’t give it junk. Do you realize that diseases can be caused as a result of poor movement of food through your body?

Are you receiving a large portion of your calories from fruits and vegetables?  I challenge you to do so, if you aren’t. I would add that learning contentment is a wonderful means of improving the quality of life. I’m currently solidifying my commitment to daily meditation and reading, but could use some work on the other three.
Tammy, Jonathan, Mary and Ryan thanks for taking the time to comment, your thoughts are appreciated…. My greatest problem is that i get negative very easily by any negative comments targeted on me and think that after that situation has passed away. I want changes in my life to overcome all these negativities and enjoy my life the way i aspire to be.
You really mention the most important points: read more, learn to meditate, work out, improve your diet. Are you getting 100% of the fiber your body needs?  Are you drinking enough water?  Do you have a written diet plan?

I will open your mind to thoughts of success, increased focus, productivity and peace of mind.
I stop by here as often as I can… and every single time I do I find some food for thought, something to put in my back pocket and take with me.
I find that the more you read (in this field especially), the more you are able to discern quality from waffle. One also should decide what area of his life he wants to improve and make a plan about how and when to do it, as one can’t do everything that has to be done to improve all he wants to improve at once. Hapiness will not be too far away as long as you keep your mind focused on how to think positive daily. Meditation not only create harmoney within your mind, but allow you too reach a different level of consciousness millions cannot fully understand.

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this was your life book

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