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Dreaming of a tiger depicts your bravery and strength since these two are the major qualities of this animal. For all those who are about to break-up with their partners, tiger dreams can save their relationships.
A tiger represents strength, bravery, sexual needs, sexual cravings, sexual contentment and enemies. The aliens that you see in a dream may become a harbinger that you are soon to face some difficulties that are connected with a new environment or that your private life is under threat. Dreams are funny when they get all shape-shifty like that, but there is also a reason they do that… and it’s all about changes that are taking place in your life or within you.
This is funny that I got this today because last night I had one, My first one, It felt so real that I could feel the pain in my body as I was, But all I could see was my arms and hands in total darkness. Mud often symbolizes depression or negativity, that which is dirtying up an otherwise clear psyche.
This black striped yellow colored beast is known for the kind of bravery and strength it has. Your bond with your partner will strengthen, if you see a tiger roaming behind your closed eyelids. If you are unable to take out time for your sexual needs, you are bound to dream of a growling and angry tiger.
There are some major clashes that have recently taken place between you and some of your closest friends.

You are sexually active at the moment and are content with whatever is being served to you in bed. For example, I recently dreamed I was me but when I looked into the mirror I had morphed into Whitney Houston. If you think about the most recent changes that have happened in your life, can you see how one situation in your life has sort of morphed into a different situation? It’s not only fun but can help you make better decisions, have better relationships and even help you let go of the past. The aim of our project is the ability to open the door for you to a new world full of mysteries and secrets.
Later in the dream I was being interviewed by Steve Harvey but he morphed into Patrick Stewart with a really bad wig!
The deer suggests you may have started out feeling victimized, the wolf means you then decided to take on the mindset of a predator rather than victim and that seems to have led you to discovering your feminine prowess, symbolized by the tiger. In the dream I started to pull mud off the hair of my legs and then the dream just ended or should I say I can't remember any thing else. I love how you pull the mud off your legs as that indicates that you are ready to stand back up and move forward with your life, that you are not letting anything bring you down anymore. These people were trying to capture me, but when I became the hawk I was able to soar and none of them could reach me or even get close. When you have a morphing dream, ask yourself first how the morphing in the dream seems to correlate to changes in your waking life.

It also includes my 10 MUST KNOW rules to remember when interpreting your dream and has a dream dictionary in the back for easy reference. You have risen above and freed yourself from that which had you playing the victim and now can see, like a hawk, through those that would not have your best interests at heart. There was a lot of drama with that and I did feel like a victim and like I wasn’t being rewarded.
If you dream of a tiger freely roaming in the jungle or forest, it means that you are going to have some positive things in your life. Our dreams will give form to the changes in our life by the cool effect of morphing or shape shifting in order to give us a better understanding of the changes at hand.
In a nutshell, have you realized that you are above certain lowly behaviors and attitudes and, just as no one could touch you in the dream, do you now feel you will no longer allow yourself to be trapped in bad situations or bad relationships? These questions should give you clarity on whether your waking life changes are good for you or not. That is interesting about the deer to wolf morph because I had just came across a quote that said, don’t be a victim, be a warrior.

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tiger in your dream meaning

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