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We’ve all done it; you download that cool note-taking app, aiming to keep life on track and organized.
If nothing else, Fetchnotes is a crafty app for organizing yourself and others from the first step of creating a note. Timeful is a decent calendar app at its core, but offers up a few bells and whistles that can keep you on point outside of scheduling appointments.
There are a lot of little nuances to Timeful, but if you often find yourself too busy (or forgetful) for the little things, this can help. We like Timeful for its attention to those things we take for granted, and we think you will, too. The great thing about these apps is that you don’t have to remember anything, and rarely even have to think twice.
If you have a favorite app for managing your time, let us know int he comments section below!

You can take down a note like would with any other app, but can then organize them via hashtags (create your own or use their preloaded suggestions). If you don’t like that, there is a method for emailing notes as well, making them shareable to just about anyone, and a great way to manage projects.
It’s a different way to approach note taking, but could ultimately be better than your current method. Busy people end to add everything in life to their calendar, keeping them on point for appointments or other tasks. You select those things you need to get done, like laundry, and Timeful finds time for it so you don’t have to. Choose from the list of typical stuff, or create your own to-do to better manage what needs to get done. If you find yourself cursing the missed opportunity to handle a necessary task, Timeful is one you’ll want to check out.

So long as you do a little work to set these up as you like, they’ll keep you on task, leaving you to go about business as usual. If you’ve ever ran into the “uh oh” situation where you wanted to get things done, but totally forgot, we’ve got a few apps that might help you out.
It’s a lot like Pocket, wherein you create and control your own tags, and can access them later for better contextual control.
Setting reminders for each note is another handy way Fetchnotes keeps you on target, even when you forget you need to do something. You can get very micro-managerial in creating your own tags, which might be necessary if you’re spread a bit too thin.

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time management apps blackberry

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