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5 (FREE) Killer Time Management Apps For Entrepreneurs - Fridge Magazine At present less than 0.01% of our website users, used the browser that you are viewing this site on. In the interest of providing a the best experience possible for the majority of our users, we are sorry to say we had to move on from fully supporting this browser. Plus your son has that football game, so you have to fight through traffic to be at by 5:30pm. Who wants to pay for one more extra thing?So here are 5 Free Apps that will help you get your day under control or at least more organized. It can all snatch away precious time, and before you know it you look up an hour or two has passed. Who can afford to waste time.The app keeps track of what you do on-and-offline then sends you regular reports.
The report is a breakdown of all the activities you have been doing on your computer and how much time you have spent on every website.

After just a few weeks of receiving the report, you suddenly realize how much time you can gain each week just by avoiding all those time-sapping tasks and websites. When you visually see this data on a regular basis, it starts affecting your decisions on how to spend your time and within a few weeks you will find your productivity dramatically increases.WunderlistWunderlist LogoSo as a parent, my brain is totally fried. But instead of carrying around a notepad or notebook you can just create a list on Wunderlist. They even have reminders and alerts that can be set to remind you to do a particular task.Focusboosterfocus boosterIf I didn’t have to stop to blink or use the restroom or grab a snack, I’d sit at my computer all day! If you are having trouble figuring out where all your time goes and how you can figure out how to make it better, this is good one. Or even just opened Facebook to see what’s going on for 5 minutes, and then an hour later you are still on there having achieved nothing?
NFE is a simple Chrome extension that removes your Facebook newsfeed and instead replaces it with a random inspirational quote.

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time management apps for work

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