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Every one of us are provided with 24 hours a day and we plan to do a lot in these 24 hours, but we end up in missing something and will fail in meeting our goals. If you want to meet your personal goals and complete the task in time, then I would suggest you to have a look at these best Windows Phone Apps to organize your life. It collects information in such a way that, you can even create a story, add images to it and you can even share it on Facebook and Twitter. You can customize the countdown by adding images and can change the unit of time (years, months, hours and minutes) to be tracked. Create your “Social Progress Journal” and share with wide range of people with different and unique motives. Wallet Watch helps you to track your finances in a better way using 4 sections as “Wallet”, “Lend-Borrow”, “Bill Splitter” and “Voucher Vault”.

Sridhar is a Software Engineer who loves to stay updated with developments in the world of technology. Time just slips away without our notice and we just postpone the things which could not be done today due to lack of time. It collects information for every 30 minutes regarding where you went, time you spent in that place, routes you have taken and many more. It helps you to start the countdown of the next event you need to attend, attend a birthday party or want to know how many it had been you lastly smoked. Make the best use of “Streaks” feature to let you know how long your last event or streak lasted and it also gives you the graph. If you are one among them and if you wish you had more time in a day or want to do more within available hours, then here are the best Windows Phone Apps to get most of your time.

Upload picture of what you have done to achieve you goal and if you feel depressed, then seek motivation from others using this app. Just have a look at your statistics, your progress which motivates you to achieve your goal. You can store all your shopping cards, gift vouchers and other discount vouchers under Voucher Vault section.

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time management apps windows

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