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I’ve been taking practice PMP tests and struggle with ones where they ask me something is a tool or technique in one of the processes. Quite often, the test will ask you which of the following is not a tool or technique in a particular process. This trick won’t help in all cases but it should narrow your choices to one in half of those types of questions. But the cheat sheet I asked you to memorize and recreate once you get into the exam room has been significantly obsoleted by the fifth edition of the PMBOK.

Other than memorizing every single tool, technique, input and output in every process, how am I supposed to know these?
If you are willing to spend the time on this, bring it with you in your mind and spend the first 10 minutes of your four hours taking the test transcribing this on the pieces of paper they give you. The first thing you need to do is decide if one of the answers is not even a tool or technique.
The first one is, as you’ve suggested, memorizing every input, tool, technique and output in every process.

Then, when you are faced with these questions, look them up and you know you got another question right.

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time management cheat sheet

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