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Since working with Sharon, I have found that I have a lot more time to be out of the office this summer…I’ve even had time to read three books since we worked together – something I have not been able to do since I was in seminary!
One key to being productive and efficient in today's changing work environment is taking control of your physical workspace.
Schedule a call with us at (320) 250-0202 and learn how we can work together to achieve your goals. Time MattersA® software provides new ways to help law firms, legal departments and other organizations streamline operations to save you time and make your firm more efficient.
Discover new ways to deploy and configure your practice management solutions in a manner that will best suit the workflow of your attorneys and staff. Centrally organize contacts, notes, events, phone calls and other information associated with a case or matter. A comprehensive alert and reminder system helps you stay on top of deadlines, meetings and other due dates. Time Matters document automation features make it possible to produce client and court papers more quickly than ever before. Time Matters includes integrated utilities you can use to import data directly from a number of legal and non-legal business applications.
Click here to learn about our new Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation practice area templates.
ITS can arrange for your purchase of Time Matters, as well as training and support after the sale. 17 Taakomschrijving en objectieven Organisatieniveau Teamniveau Persoonlijk niveau Korte termijn Lange termijn Zijn ze SMART ?

22 Tips voor een prima agenda Ik heb mijn agenda altijd bij mij en ik berg hem altijd op dezelfde plaats op Ik beheer mijn tijd met een centraal instrument en ik hou er ook geen dubbele agenda op na Ik noteer altijd alle nodige gegevens (contactpersoon, adres, …) Ik noteer niet alleen wanneer de afspraak begint maar ook wanneer die eindigt en uiteraard plan ik ook tijd in voor de verplaatsingen tussen twee afspraken Ik schrijf met potlood. 24 Algemeen Evalueer geregeld bestaande werkafspraken op hun actualiteit en giet ze in procedures Efficientere werkprocedures = tijdwinst ! 26 In functie van belangrijkheid Constant nodig Geregeld nodig Niet meer nodig Ook hanteerbaar voor de collega's ! 30 Tijdrovers Tijdrovers opsporen Hou een lijstje bij en noteer wanneer en waardoor je gestoord wordt Rangschik naar belangrijkheid Werk eerst de grootste weg Onvoorspelbaarheid is geen excuus !
36 U draagt zelf de verantwoordelijk voor uw eigen tijdplanning en tijdsgebruik = ZELFMANAGEMENT ! Fair or not, people make assumptions about your competence and professionalism by the appearance of your workspace. Time is wasted every day from searching for misplaced and lost information or communication glitches due to unclear information flow processes. Time Matters allows you to manage cases, contacts, your calendar, documents, communications, time tracking and other daily activities.A  Time Matters has been the choice of Law Firms, Legal Departments and other organizations for the past 20 years.
You can track an unlimited number of versions, revert to old versions and open old versions as new documents. To become a CIC, Dan had to attend extensive classes and pass both written and oral examinations. Om het te downloaden, raad, alsjeblieft, deze presentatie aan je vrienden in de sociale netwerken.
Specifiek Meetbaar Aanvaardbaar Realistisch (ook qua deadlines) Tijdsgebonden Absolute basisvoorwaarde voor Time Management Waar moet ik naartoe ?

Aanpassingen zijn schering en inslag en gommen is beter dan schrappen Ook mijn dagelijkse 'to do'-lijstje noteer ik in mijn agenda Ik plan ook wat tijd in voor mezelf. Having good filing systems for both paper and digital information helps everyone to find the information they need in a reasonable amount of time. Time management is a conscious process, where you make choices; it is not a matter of doing more in less time, but, rather doing fewer things of greater importance.
Plus, as a practicing attorney, Dan Siegel understands your needs and will customize a solution for you. Money is lost every day from inefficient use of space and resources and can only be reversed by putting workspace systems in place. Having everyone trained in the use of your information systems helps them share that information more efficiently and effectively. The key is to have systems that focus on the objectives of greater importance and eliminate time wasters on a regularly occurring basis. Dan is also a certifed CIC for LexisNexis Total Practice Advantage (LNTPA) and can show you how that integrated solution helps make the practice of law more efficient. Time Matters is available in special versions specifically designed and pre-configured for Accounting, Business, and Law offices.

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time management consultant certification texas

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