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Do you feel like time is constantly slipping through your fingers – like no matter what you do there seems to be too few hours available for everything you need to get done? The course is designed to familiarise you with the various time management strategies, tools, and tips that enable you to take initiative for organising your time and suitable courses of action to prevent time robbers from slowing you down.
This course is primarily designed for those who work in an office-like environment, but is also suitable for anyone who is looking to improve their use of time at work. If you wish to try this course then register for a demo by clicking the 'interactive demo' button. Introduction - what is time management?, poor time management, time management skills, time management case study, evaluating how you use your time, workload analysis, week analysis, and reflection exercise. Planning and Prioritisation - effective planning, the 5 Ws, effective scheduling, batching, reward schemes, time management matrix, working towards goals, and working SMART. Delegating Tasks - effective delegation, what to consider before delegating, what to do when delegating, and what to do after delegating. Organise Yourself, Organise Your Time - organising your area, organising your documents, organising your emails, and keeping organised.
The importance of time management for maximising efficiency and productivity, which with good strategies can be achieved. How to evaluate your usage of time so you can then determine which areas of your life need to be better managed. How to deal with time robbers, both self-inflicted and imposed by others, especially by being assertive. How to effectively delegate tasks that are overloading you or can be done better by others to another person. How to prevent meetings from disrupting your schedule and how to get involved in their set-up to improve their time usage. How to improve your usage of time by keeping your personal space organised, including your desk, documents, and emails. This Level 3 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace course aims to provide managers and supervisors with a thorough understanding of the health and safety risks and their relevant control measures in the workplace. The Risk Assessment course teaches candidates how to identify hazards and produce a thorough risk assessment that is appropriate to your workplace. I was constantly putting out fires, jumping from one emergency to another with never enough time to do all that was required, and certainly never enough time for me. I constantly surprise myself with the amount of work I get through with far less effort than pre-Angie. After attending a Time Equals Money workshop in August and finding it a great session we organised a session with our entire team- very worthwhile! Fantastic workshop, I have attended a number of Time Management Courses Perth workshops but they missed the practical step. Angie has been extremely helpful with helping my team realize there is an alternative way to improve efficences.
I have spoken with the people who completed the workshop, all of whom found it very informative and enjoyable. I thought I knew about Time Management before attending your session, however you have presented some modern techniques using currently used technology that I’m sure will help me to be much more organized and productive as a result.
As I write to you, I find myself up-to-date in my work, with only one item in my inbox that I am presently responding to!
After trying numerous time management courses perth and workshops, I had accepted "the fact" that I was "just not the organised type". I thought I was a pretty organized person but when I attended a breakfast that Angie presented a small segment of her “TIME EQUALS MONEY WORKSHOP” I thought I really needed to complete the whole workshop of which I did and have implemented most of the strategies that we learnt and have become so more efficient in my work area and have stopped this rummaging through trays and draws looking for information etc. Time Management Courses PerthWe’ve all been to courses where you are lucky to come away with one thing you can do something with. Hello, I want to know the part time courses offered by the JNU as I want to join a course there. The following errors occurred with your submission Okay Your Username: Click here to log in Message: Options Quote message in reply? In today's Business world it is no longer enough to manage successfully; you also have to learn to lead so others will follow. Ensure that objectives are met whilst still leading a balanced life with time management training. Contact us and discuss how we can help you to achieve 100% of your organisation training goals, with zero risk Contact Us! Matthew SheeranMaxolI thought the presentation of the course and the trainer was excellent, the sections on motivation and performance improvement were very beneficial.
This highly participative sales training course is suitable for the seasoned professional wanting to refresh their skills, or the salesperson needing a structured approach to the sales process. Either way this course will allow delegates to develop a blueprint to create a higher level of sales to ensure they achieve their targets. Get a template for success, as well as providing you with practical skills and tools that you can use in your every day work. The aim of our time management training courses are to develop the knowledge skills and attitudes necessary to manage time in an effective and efficient manner, to ensure that the objectives of the organisation are met whilst still leading a balanced life. Not enough hours in the day to accomplish your goals?
The aim of the customer service training course is to provide the delegates with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to provide excellent standards of service. Learn the three core types of communication along with the main elements of Customer Service. We have immense experience working with companies from all different sectors and hopefully the information we provide will help you to make an informed decision as to whether Premier Training are the right company to help you achieve your training goals. About Premier TrainingWe have immense experience working with companies from all different sectors and hopefully the information we provide will help you to make an informed decision as to whether Premier Training are the right company to help you achieve your training goals. Premier Training has long been an industry leader in the training sector and we look forward to having you as our newest satisfied client. Sales Coach now is a global sales training and sales coaching service that produces quantum leap results by empowering entrepreneurs and sales professionals with effective, on-purpose selling skills. Lately the question I get most often is, “How are you managing it all?”  What they mean is, “How am I managing to travel back and forth from Minnesota to California and continue to run my business all while also having a young child at home? Balancing parenthood and owning a business has its challenges, for sure.  I’ve had to strengthen my time management strategies in ways I never thought possible before.
The fact is, I had a limiting belief for years that said, “You cannot be a mom and be with your child as much as you desire while also running a business.”  That limiting belief begged parenthood off for many, many years.

Lucca, my beautiful son, turned my life upside down in the most delicious way possible.  While the transition from sleep to no sleep was exactly as everyone had predicted, we got through it.
So, as I was adjusting to motherhood, I was also out at a speaking engagement within 4 weeks after Lucca was born. Believe me, there are days that I want to forget because they were super challenging, but those days forced me to develop new time management strategies to run my business and be a mom. Priority Management is a dynamic training company that empowers people to consciously & purposefully take control of their work.
With the immense amount of daily information you receive, learn how to organise and take control of your communications. Increased workload and responsibility can stretch priorities, pulling managers in multiple directions. Our world class training programs develop your skills and competencies to make you more productive and effective. A flexible and practical combination of behaviour changing methods, best practice tools and process that can transform the way you work.  The complete Time Management Training program. Use our online training platform WebEx which can be delivered anywhere in Australia or Worldwide. Our client partners enjoy the benefits of local market expertise working to customize training to match specific needs.
Our local market experts match your training needs to our suite of courses, providing you the best advice for maximum return on your investment. Keeping on top of everything going on in your day doesn't have to feel like an uphill battle. By applying the techniques and strategies discussed throughout this course, you will be fully capable of making time for every task you need to do – without the accompanying feelings of dread and stress. Anyone at any level of their company will benefit from the strategies and techniques discussed throughout this course; it will be useful to those who are looking for proven methods of time management.
You will be given the option to purchase and continue with your course at the end of your demo! Developed by Chartered Members of the Institute of Occupational Health & Safety (CMIOSH) with many years experience in the delivery of training solutions, the result is an accessible interactive high quality training package.
I enjoyed the presentation and the information was invaluable for helping me get back some of my day. A few simple changes in the way they manage their emails will increase productivity and reduce lost time. With over 3000 items in my inbox, it was starting to feel like I'd never clear all of them, but with Angie's strategies I know they'll be done - and what's more important, I know that my inbox will never look like that again! Angie's message is logical and well constructed and her time management solutions have great practical benefit to allow the recipient to get more out of their day. Time Equals Money provided my team with a on-site customized training session in time management which, as a result, improved our productivity and ability to prioritize our workloads to work more effectively.
My desk is cleaner and my mind clearer - now that I have adapted the great ideas and structured approach to managing my time and workload, that Angie’s workshop taught me. It has been a great experience learning from you controlling & organizing ourselves to work through the huge workloads that we have. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, highly recommend it to the person who like me thought they were organized and the exciting thing is the changes were easy. After three or four sales meeting of hearing the same excuse I decided to do something about it.
The trainer was very good he listened to us and he covered all aspects very thoroughly.Maeve DunneThe Office CentreThe course was really good with the use of role-play and video which although everyone feared it definitely was worthwhile. We offer a wide variety of training courses including management training, sales training, time management training and customer service training. And, I think there’s a little bit of, “You also don’t look like you’ve lost your mind yet, either!”   Smile. Then one day, it wasn’t about that limiting belief anymore as much as it was about what my husband and I desired most: a family. I know that sounds extreme, especially given I hadn’t slept very much, but it was a local speaking engagement so I was happy to do it.  It turned out to be a huge success and that’s when I realized I could do both. In fact, I was sharing some of these strategies recently and one of my clients came up to me afterward and said, “That’s it! I hope that they help you streamline some things in your business or career that will ultimately help you increase your sales significantly this year—and enjoy your life a lot more! We show you how to combine our best practise process with the functionality of the tools you already use every day to make you better at what you do from the moment you finish your training. This Time Management course will train you to efficiently utilise your time so that you know how to strategically dedicate it to activities and tasks that are most beneficial for your business’ and your professional growth. Keep checking back for as we are constantly involving ourselves delivering 1 day work shops.
I would like to thank you for delivering the course and feel assured that the investment will be quickly repaid.
I would highly recommend Angie's services to any individual who struggles to find the time to fit everything into their working week. Before your training sessions we were unsure how to deal with our in trays, plan projects & manage our time well. Even though, when we get back to work we don’t even implement that one thing because we are inundated by what has piled up while we are away.
Today, in addition, there are two-year post graduate and research programmes in English, Hindi, Linguistics, and Urdu.
The trainer was described as ‘open, relaxed, very engaging, informative, interesting and an excellent communicator. All of our trainers have completed and passed Master Trainer programmes as well as being Fas registered. We have had an incredible marriage, not a perfect marriage, but the kind of marriage where you both get to be your most authentic (and sometimes ugly) self while also having a great time along the way. Soon we stepped into the rhythm of life with a baby and it was like he’d been there all the time.

I could continue to run a successful business while raising a beautiful son and being a wife. I need to run my business like I just had a baby!”  What she meant was that she had to run her business with more sense of urgency and a much better use of time management strategies. This statement is obvious, but sometimes people aren’t clear on whom they need help from—or who they need to add to their team.
Faith and family are my priorities and as long as I stay focused there, the rest of my priorities fall in line or need to be delegated.
In Selling with Intention, I wrote about the importance of creating an intentional schedule.
One of the things that people used to tell me before I had Lucca was, “Sleep while the baby is sleeping.” That statement always drove me crazy because in the past twelve months I have rarely, if ever, slept while the baby was sleeping during the day. Get clarity on exactly what you need to do to make some of the changes that will allow you to take your life—and your sanity—back.  Then, take action!
One half an hour chat with Angie and we developed a whole load of systems to manage it by using functionalities on outlook I never even knew existed.
Angie’s tips which always begin with “if you just do this ONE thing, it will give you time back in your day” – and Angie gave us about 6 or 7 “just ONE things.” to apply!
My team is already implementing some very useful tips and no doubt we will benefit from her tips in months to come. Angie provided me with practical habits and systems that work alongside, not in competition with, the routines, software and systems in our business. At some point, though, we knew that we wanted to share our journey with another soul and that’s when we were blessed with Lucca. An intentional schedule is simply a guide that shows you exactly what you need to do and when.
I work with a business coach as well as a book coach to help me stay focused on what I am creating next in my business and in my writing. And the best part we did it 30 minutes over the phone so I didn’t have to waste any time implementing it. The instructor was very clear and non judgmental and I would definitely recommend this course to others.David ParkesEFS Transportation ServicesThe training was a very positive experience and I would highly recommend to others. One of my team members expanded her role of assistant to nanny while she continued to also help me in the business. I know that sounds simple, but please realize that sometimes the simplest solutions ARE the best solutions.
It means that you schedule your time off first, followed by your family priorities and your work commitments. Instead, I am confident that I will complete my work on time, to a high standard, and then enjoy my time off. Should you have any other business owners in a similar position to myself and would like to discuss the value of using your services then please feel free to contact me on 041 993 9144. I enjoyed the interaction that the trainer produced through the various activities I also enjoyed the practicality of the course and the practical steps the trainer provided to enhance my skills.Alan MulcahyBusiness Markets Manager, EnergiaEnergia, Irelands leading energy provider, providing gas and electricity to 600 of the top 1000 companies in Ireland use Premier Training.
I knew her, I trusted her and she had the perfect certifications and training to be a nanny as well as an assistant. A list allows you to figure out what you can get done today, what you can delegate, and what needs to get added to your list tomorrow or scheduled out.
If you need to have three days per week to meet with clients, then you have to figure out how much time you need to block out for selling, following up and your other work responsibilities. I could be a stressed out mom, worrying about everything I had to get done, OR I could keep a list, develop the best team to support me and be fully present wherever I was. You need people to help pull you along and to keep you on track to reach your greatest dreams and goals.
I find it quite amusing that a number of colleagues have since described me as "naturally organized" and am quick to share my not-so-secret weapon. The lesson, whether or not you are a new parent, is that sometimes your “new” team members are right in front of you.
I know that creating an intentional schedule sounds tedious, but once it’s done it will save you lots of time and allow you to focus on your top 20% of activities—marketing and selling! If you want to get projects done quickly, block out short bursts of time—1-2 hours (or less)—to get projects completed and then stay completely focused during this time.
They have succeeded in creating training courses which are specific and relevant to the particular needs of our organisation.
And remember that your intentional schedule should be created by working backwards from your monthly sales goal. Entrepreneurs and sales professionals tend to have a little ADD, so time blocking forces you to get out of your email and off of Facebook so you can focus on the task at hand. Being back in Minnesota, I’ve had family helping with Lucca, but I am also looking for a fantastic part-time nanny to help out . I also needed to be fully present when I was on the phone with my clients or in a training room. Over the past year, I’ve also added other key people to my extended team to help in all areas of my life and business.
Being fully present also allows time to slow down and enjoy the moment that is in front of you. The easiest way to figure out who you need on your team is to make a list of all of the things you want to get off YOUR plate, and figure out whose plate they can land on. So take a moment, breathe, and focus on who or what is right in front of you in that moment.
If you implement the other strategies, it will be so much easier to be present in the moment.

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