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You're probably thinking I have no idea how busy you are, how much you have to get done, and  how much this just doesn't work for you. Truth of the matter is, when you want something bad enough, you will move mountains to make it happen. I challenge you to stay strong and put the workout into the schedule before the low priority items.
October 1, 2012 by Guest Author 1 Comment Time management is pivotal to the success of any task. Most students in high school do not know exactly what they expect to do at the beginning of the day. According to research procrastination is perhaps the greatest way of wasting time for students. Most high school students do not know their priorities and thus end up doing things that they could easily have done on a later date. A lot of students do not know this but sleep helps to reduce the amount of stress a student has. This article has been provided by Andy who is a contributor for Scholarshipscouts.org where you can get some useful resources when it comes to getting a scholarship. Now that youa€™ve decided to set goals and make daily To-Do lists, where are you going to write it all down?  In a planner! The University of Kansas Online Writing Center provides directions on basic outlining of a thesis with topic sentences.
Troy University’s Writing Center also offers directions on outlining a body paragraph with a topic sentence as well as primary and secondary support . Troy University’s Writing Center offers directions on outlining of a thesis, with topic sentences as well as primary and secondary support .
The University of Kansas Online Writing Center provides basic directions on incorporating references and citing quotes. The University of Kansas Online Writing Center provides directions on writing the paraphrase, summary, or precis.
Troy University’s Online Writing Center suggests ways to detect and avoid plagiarism. Revision and the intricacies of re-reading and re-thinking are challenging skills even for knowledgeable and experienced writers.
Troy University’s Online Writing Center provides another overview of revision strategies.

To develop probing questioning techniques for higher-level revision, the writer can consult Toledo’s journal article on developing probing questioning techniques.
The Center for Reading and Writing at SUNY Adirondack offers two easy-to-use online style manuals: Using MLA to Document Your Sources and Using APA to Document Your Sources.
Troy University’s Writing Center offers an online practical guide to answering essay questions. DePaul University’s Online Center for Writing-based Learning provides an overview of research-based writing, such as directions for writing an annotated bibliography.
The University of Kansas Online Writing Center has links to resources in evaluating websites. College students are faced with a variety of reading assignments from a variety of courses. Content area reading assignments vary from subject to subject, so students should tailor their methods to meet a specific discipline or course of study. Check out these handouts and worksheets from SUNY Empire State College to help students with critical reading. Throughout the course of the week, I'm sure there's enough free time to get everything done that you need to get done.
There are some people out there who work two jobs, three jobs, are going non-stop, and might not think they have time.
The only reason I wouldn't count the workout as a "high priority item" is because it doesn't have to happen at a particular time. High school life is often filled with a lot of activities which often require a lot of time from the student. This always leads to a lot of time being wasted since it takes them a lot of time to find out exactly what is to be done and during which time. Not knowing your priorities often makes a student to put emphasis on things that are not urgent leaving things that are quite urgent.
Many students find it easier to stay throughout the night studying or watching a movie instead of having that much needed sleep.
Students who manage their time well are often more successful with their studies and end up getting better grades.
If you're still reading this, you've already decided that getting your health and fitness straightened out is a high enough priority that you can shuffle some lower-priority things around. High priority items should be the kind of thing that either HAS TO happen first, or has to happen at a particular time (such as a doctors appt., or getting to a business before it closes, etc).

If not well handled time can be wasted doing activities which often do not add value to the student’s life.
Having a-to-do list will always help a student allocate his time to the various tasks that requires his attention and thus making him more productive.
Plan everything well in advance in order to maximize on your time and limit the amount of time being wasted doing unnecessary things.
Have you ever thought of just how much time you waste catching an afternoon nap instead of studying? Managing your time well determines whether a student succeeds or fails in his or her high school studies.
As I've gone through these 5 different programs I've done, I've gotten a little better at it each time. If you find you're having a hard time keeping your priorities straight (or doing the prioritizing in the first place) or want a community to help keep you accountable and share your struggles, please feel free to join the "So Fit" Family on Facebook. Striking a balance between academics and extracurricular activities is often the key to the success of a student.
Difficult tasks should often be allocated more time and be placed at the beginning of the day when the student is fresh. A well thought out schedule will often result in effective time management hence less time wastage. Having a healthy sleeping pattern will not only help to reduce stress but make students more alert and able to carry out their schedule. But, as I get more and more dedicated to my fitness I have to look a little harder at my schedule.
The following are 5 time – management tips for high school students that will help strike this balance. Many of these things likely have to happen at a certain time, so that's going to bump them a little higher up on the priority list as well. The earlier you work out, the more energy you'll have and the more successful your workout will be.
It's never easy adding something else onto your plate, and that goes doubly so for a commitment of this magnitude.

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