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Time management is important to internal students because the work associated with the full time study load of four papers can be very demanding and time consuming.
It is very easy to get behind and then it is difficult to catch up as the lectures, readings, and tutorials continually provide more information, whilst you are still dealing with information from earlier in semester. There are also other activities which you will want to do and which you should be able to do too.
The important thing is getting the balance between academic work and other activities such as sports, clubs and socialising just right. Two strategies which work well to sort out your day to day activities (everyone is different) are weekly planners and things to do today lists. This timetable is very important as it gives you and others an overview what you are doing during the semester. It is important to complete this as soon as possible as it will give you an indication of your workload.

By entering assignment due dates for all papers you will be able to see possible high pressure times, such as several assignments due in the same week.
Personal and family events should be included so that you can plan for any potential clash early on. These gaps - called flexi-time - are there so that there is time for the unexpected or for the tasks that take too long.
To start the plan, you need a master timetable with all your regular commitments entered on it. Once this is filled in, you have a good idea of how much time is left for study, reading textbooks, and writing assignments.
Reflect on what you have to accomplish for the week and enter goals according to the amount of time you think you will need. The shorter gaps between lectures can be for eating, reading, using the computer labs, or getting books from the library for the next assignment. Leave some gaps for flex time: time that you can use for study if something unexpected happens or for rest if you are up-to-date. The To Do list requires you to reflect on your progress each day and think about the next steps. These document templates are specifically suited for the project aspects of Planning, Execution and Hand over. Our templates can be saved to all common formats and can be 100% customized to suit your needs.

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This includes all your lectures, tutorials, labs, meal times, cooking duties, gym sessions, part-time work, sports practice, church times, plus time to spend with friends and family. If there is very little time left, then you may have to consider reducing some of your (non-academic) commitments during the semester. If you think a writing task will take an hour, allow an hour and a half (that is, half as long again). A lecturer is not going to be sympathetic about two assignments due on the same day as many others have the same problem.
Should you be using an older version of Office you will require to download the FREE Microsoft conversion tool to access these files.
Part of being a successful independent learner is personal timetabling of the semester schedule.
You may well be hit with a recall notice in a few days' time because other students have requested it.

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