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Digital Chocolate, Inc released their time management game Chocolate Shop Frenzy [App Store] tonight. These games are well suited for the iPhone's screen and involve juggling the defined tasks typically involving customer service. Today's Chocolate Shop release is also accompanied by a free demo version which limits you to the first month of the game's story mode. You can play the small version of this game completely free of charge, as it's enhanced with ads. Delicious - Emily's Hopes and Fears Deluxe follows Patrick on a journey to save his little girl's life! Settle in for Delicious - Emily's Home Sweet Home and help fix up Emily and Patrick's dream house! Help the French baker Henri by making quality pastries in the evolved match-3 game Pastry Passion!

Rebuild three pristine islands after a disaster strikes in Rescue Team, a daring challenge. If this is your first time downloading a game from Big Fish, our handy Game Manager app will install on your computer to help manage your games. Well you run a zoo , you help people get on a car , a baloon a swan etc and take photos of the animals. Basically, there will be visitors coming to see the zoo and you have to get them to see the animals by using the car, air balloon, helicopter, and last the boat.
All other trademarks, registered trademarks, or logos are the property of their respective owners. Mind the lions in the way and look for many more wicked wildlife animals in Youda Safari, a fun Time Management game. Choose the best photo moments, find these special rare and shy animals and upgrade your parks with new vehicles, bigger tourist facilities, and radical restaurants.

Throughout the game, the visitors will want food after seeing the animals, so we have to make sure food is available.
There are many zoos in different parts of the world so it does take a bit of time to finish. The game does not require some strategy or some thinking, by the way.You just click the car -the animals -the exit.

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time management games kostenlos

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