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The time management skills emphasized in this article provide high school students with recommendations for improving their work schedule. The specific goal of completing 3 paragraphs of the English assignment must be attainable, realistic and timely. High school students usually need to spend anywhere between one to three hours on homework and assignments during school days and the weekends. Write this schedule down on a small note card and attach the master homework and assignment list to the card.
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The recommendations are flexible and are meant to help students achieve short as well as long term time management goals. What needs to be packed for school the next day and what outstanding homework or assignments that will need to be completed after school. Make a list of all work, assignments and exams that are due in order of priority and attach the list to the schedule described below. Carry the card with you in your pocket or bag all the time and update the master homework and assignment list if necessary. High school students may need more or less study time depending on their school and whether exams are looming or otherwise.

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time management skills for high school students video

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