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It might not seem like it when you’re so frustrated you just want to throw your laptop out the nearest window, but companies who build software try really hard to make their tools easy to use. This was one of the most powerful things I ever did to become a more fluent software user… I deliberately started using software that was different to what I was used to. For example, if all your word processing is done in Microsoft Word, try using some other word processing tools for a change. You realise that all tools in this category have certain core features, but you also see how different tools implement some of those features better or worse than others. Whenever you work with a new piece of software, take a moment to explore the options or preferences. Whenever I get my hands on a new piece of software, I go straight to the prefs or options and spend a few minutes looking through them. It astounds me how often I see people struggling (sometimes for years!) with some annoying behaviour in their software that can be easily changed simply by unticking a checkbox in the preferences.
The other thing I will always do with any new piece of software is just take a moment to look through all the dropdown menus to see what’s there. Seeing choices like Arrange, Group, Align, etc immediately tell you things about what the software can do. They’ll need to learn quickly, communicate clearly, have empathy with end users, and also learn new presentation skills.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Getting students to write a user manual or screencast is a great idea, writing good documentation is harder than a lot of people (developers are people too!) think. In fact, there are quite a few open source projects out there that would love to have people write documentation or tutorials for them — I wonder if that could be an extra challenge, to get your students to submit documentation (or bug reports?) to real world projects? Great post Chris – not just for the tips I will share with some family and friends but a reminder for me to invest some time in alternatives to the tools I use now. Time and Billing Software for Timesheet automation, Billing automation, expense management, employee attendance automation, project management and task management. TimeLive - Web-based Time and Billing Software for Timesheet automation, Billing automation, expense management, employee attendance automation, project management and task management.
Today Timesheet suite is an integrated suite for Time record, Time tracking and Time Billing Software. Free Time Billing and Accounting Software: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Inventory, Time Billing, Sales Analysis, and Bank Reconciliation.
TimeLive - Free web-based Time tracking Software for Timesheet automation, Billing automation, expense management, employee attendance automation, project management and task management.
CJA Billing Software standardizes and automates the itemization, documentation, auditing, and judicial review of appointed counsels bills for representation under the Criminal Justice Act. MetriQ Automated Time Tracking Software is perfect for automated Timesheet administration and Time Software. Medical Billing Software for medical offices, physicians, therapists, Chiropractors, Podiatrists, amulance service and anyone who bills on the CMS1500 or old HCFA1500 form. Restaurant Billing Software.After great sucess of Restaurant Billing Software for DOS, Pelagian Software lunched new technology Billing Software for Windows with Inventory Module. Gujarati Billing Software is a tool that is totally dedicated to generate invoice in Gujarati language. ExactSpent 2006 is a Time tracking Software, which provides exact record of the Time you spent on jobs. Employee Time Management software for real Time tracking of tasks and preventing wasted Time. Time Doctor for Linux (32bit) is a Time Management software that tracks your tasks in real-Time, improving productivity for individuals and company Employees.
Time Doctor for Linux (64bit) is a Time Management software that tracks your tasks in real-Time, improving productivity for individuals and company Employees. TaskMerlin is an intuitive and easy-to-use Time Management software and task Management software tool.
The Time Management System enables companies to record Time of their Employees and has powerful reporting capabilities for the Management.
MPE Time Management is an easy to use tool that allows you to log in a database the Time you spent or will spend on your projects or tasks.
FlexiServer is a solution to create a flexible work environment with automatic Employee Time attendance logging.
Web-based Time And Attendance suite which offers Employee Time and Attendance (Timeclock, Timecard, Timesheet) and Payroll all in single tightly integrated package. Task Management together with project Management and Time Management, help us achieve the goals we set.
SentryPC is an all-in-one computer monitoring, content filtering, and Time Management software solution. Use this contact manager to organize your telephone book, appointment schedule, and to do list for better Time Management, all on one screen! To determine potential savings that a time and attendance system might bring, it is best to first evaluate your current employee time tracking situation and identify areas of improvement.
The truth is that savings can come from any and all of these steps, which is why automated time tracking systems like uAttend are so meaningful and effective.
Tracking employee time might seem like a basic task, but don’t underestimate its potential to save your business valuable revenue and positively impact your bottom line. If you are currently in the market for a new employee time and attendance tracking solution, you are likely well aware of the many options available to you. Look for an established and credible vendor: The world of time and attendance and workforce management is exploding, which has brought about a lot of new and inexperienced time clock providers looking to cash in on the growing market. Look for a vendor that offers scalable solutions: As a business owner, there is no doubt you anticipate (and work hard toward) continued business growth.
Look for an easy solution for both employees and management to use: First things first – any time and attendance tracking system should be easy to use and take minimal time to punch in and out from.
Look for a solution that will work with your payroll system: Ask any payroll administrator and they will tell you the best gift you could give them is a time and attendance tracking system that will automatically integrate with their payroll software.

Tracking time and attendance is a huge part of day-to-day business and can greatly affect labor costs.
Today’s cost-conscious businesses deploy various time and attendance systems, such as an employee time clock, to accurately record employee work hours. After a thorough investigation from the California Office of Labor Commissioner, it was determined that the company was non-compliant and was responsible for not providing an adequate number of locations for employees to punch in and out.
The above-mentioned story is a great case study that demonstrates the importance of a company’s responsibility to its employees.
If you want to comply with federal and state wage laws, it may be time to do an audit of your time clock system to ensure you are providing your employees with ample opportunity to punch in and out on time. Many small businesses face difficulties in human resource management, especially when they experience steady growth and their number of employees exceeds estimates.
Determining the HR needs of your specific business is very important before you start looking for software. Include key features such as what type of reporting system you want and what kind of information you will be recording.
After you have shortlisted your potential vendors, arrange for live demonstrations with each one to ascertain the effectiveness of each product.
By following these steps, you are bound to find a reliable vendor for your HR system, and time attendance software that suits your needs. This allows you to distribute, remix and build upon my work, as long as you credit me and license any new creations under the same terms. They bumble by, more-or-less managing to make their computer do what they want it to do, but often without that real sense of confidence that comes from feeling fluent with the software they are interacting with.
Of course, not all software is actually easy to use, but I do believe that all software designers really do try to make their software as easy to use as possible. Software developers are usually incredibly intelligent people because you really do need to be fairly smart to write software. The people who create it are often on a completely different planet to the people who use it. If you use a software tool to do a particular task, find out what other software tools do a similar thing, and try them. Libre Office Writer, Google Docs, Zoho Writer, WriteRoom, Scrivener, AbiWord… the list is long if you look. Why not try Keynote, Google Presentations, SlideRocket, Libre Office Impress, Prezi or 280 Slides?
Whatever you use now, take a look through some of the alternatives from iMovie, Windows Live MovieMaker, Pinnacle Studio, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere Pro or Premiere Elements, Final Cut Pro X.
Just go to Google and search for [alternatives to X] where X is the software you use now, and see what you can find.
Those few minutes are always paid back in greater productivity through having a better sense of what the software is all about, plus I can usually find lots of little tweaks that make the software work the way i want it to work. Someone, somewhere, went to a lot of time and trouble to document this software and explain what it does, how to use it, and how to get the best out of it.
I once got stuck on the exact same problem as you, and I looked in the Help menu to work out how to solve it.
It’s not hard to find obscure software tools that most students have never heard of, so pick a few for them to choose from and get them to create a user manual for one of them. Try also to get them to run some real usability testing with other people using the training resources they’ve created in order to see how well they have communicated their understanding.
No more spending half a day trying to add up the billed hours and pulling your hair out because you lost the notes that you kept your Time on or cannot read them! Time Doctor is useful for individuals and companies for Time Management and improving productivity. Employees are the vital assets of the company how people spend their Time decides the success of organization. Let’s determine the potential savings that could be found from implementing a time tracking system in your workplace. As you review your processes, look for things such as inefficiencies, high administrative costs, redundant data entry and data entry errors, labor time consumption and other pain points. If you use a manual time tracking system or have a traditional time clock and notice any of the core issues mentioned above during your process analysis, chances are you will find great benefit in an automated time tracking system. Today’s advanced time clock systems not only reduce the time and effort it takes to monitor, record and manage employee time, but also allow you to generate reports, receive real-time alerts if someone is late, and even prepare you for performance reviews. So, the question is – how do find the right time and attendance tracking system to record and store your employees’ work hour information?
Whether you already have an automated time and attendance system in place, or if you are investing in one for the first time, you want a system that not only satisfies your current business needs and makes managing your employees’ time easier, but you also want a reliable and affordable solution that will last you through coming years.
Many companies have just added time and attendance tracking as a solution they offer “on the side”. Investing in an accurate and reliable system is key, which is why it’s worth your time to carefully evaluate your options and determine the right solution for you. While employers use these devices to ensure they are paying for the exact number of hours an employee has worked, there is a level of responsibility that comes along with using one. A warehouse facility in Chino, CA was recently issued a number of citations for failing to provide adequate punch-in locations, as well as for having altered employee time records. Regardless of when they arrived, they often ended up punching in late because of the long lines. Regulators deemed it unethical for employees to be penalized for late punch-ins when they arrive well before their start time. If you employee a large number of people, you need to have a sufficient number of employee time clock systems in place. If you determine you need to provide more locations, an ideal solution might be to opt for cloud-based workforce management solutions.
Thankfully, there are HR and employee management systems, such as time and attendance software, that can help companies accommodate such periods of growth.
You should have a clear picture of what the system will be required to do for your business.

For instance, if you decide on software for employee time management, you will need it to record employee time and attendance, but you may also want it to process payroll and generate reports on taxes and leaves of absence. In other words, I'll agree to share my work with you, if you agree to share whatever you do with it in return.
It’s not easy… some of the things we expect software to do are incredibly complex, and designing software that does complex stuff while also making it easy to use, is really hard to do well!
Most developers also have very systematic and methodical minds, because, again, that’s just the sort of mind you need to write software. There is something incredibly liberating about trying a different tool than the one you’re used to. You develop a better ability to scan your eyes over the interface quickly, spotting the buttons you recognise, even though they might look a little different. Just use it… Look it up if you have a problem, or just glance through it to pick up some useful tips. Not only do they need to learn a completely new piece of software, they also need to figure out how to clearly explain it’s features in a way that non-users can easily understand. In fact, many businesses see an immediate ROI after integrating a time and attendance solution. Not only that, but solutions like the uAttend Employee Management System essentially automate your entire payroll process ensuring accurate, to-the-minute work hour records and paychecks. You want a provider that specializes strictly in time and attendance tracking, like uAttend.
Rather than buy a new system every time the current one lets you down, it is important to invest in a scalable solution that will accommodate you future business growth. Our biometric fingerprint and facial recognition time clocks, such as the BN6500 or MN2000, literally mark attendance in less than three seconds. The APA has indicated that automated time and attendance systems like uAttend can save up to 4% in payroll costs, so when evaluating an employee time management system, be sure to check if it’s compatible with the payroll software your business uses.
For example, if a business chooses to use a time clock for time and attendance, it must be sure to provide sufficient punch-in locations to accommodate their number of employees.
The organization in question has two warehouses in Southern California with a total of 865 employees. The company also allegedly had been inappropriately adjusting meal break and overtime hours to compensate when employees took shorter breaks.
In addition, you are required by federal and state law to provide adequate meal breaks and pay overtime for the hours worked in addition to the standard 40-hour workweek.
Online systems offer affordable punch in devices and innovative software that help avoid violations of federal and state labor laws when it comes to wage claims. If you are interested in purchasing Human Resources Software, there are a few things to consider before doing so. If you wish, you can visit each provider’s site individually to match the product features with your requirements for the best possible match. They will help you examine the software capabilities as well as determine if the software is user-friendly and able to fulfill your list of requirements.
Conduct your research along the lines of company longevity, references and reviews, the number of clients it has and whether or not it is a member of organizations such as the Better Business Bureau. It forces you to see things more conceptually – to understand the concepts of formatting text, rather than simply remembering where the Bold button is located. Cloud-connected software enables users to access and retrieve employee work hour data any time and from anywhere.
Look for a provider that knows the ins and outs of the industry, that stays up-to-date with wage and labor laws, and that has a proven track record of satisfied customers. Our robust line of flexible employee management solutions will not only save you time and money today, but will also continue to meet your future business needs as your company prospers and grows. This is especially important for large organizations that have hundreds of employees punching in and out on a daily basis. Surprisingly, the company had only three time clock systems to let employees punch in and out. In light of this, the company was also cited for altering employee time records, as it is illegal in any state to adjust an employee’s work hours without his or her knowledge.
For example, biometric systems provide an indisputable audit trail when it comes to employee time tracking and can be purchased for less than $150 a piece. A detailed list will enable you to find the system with the best possible capabilities for your business needs. And no matter how much it might feel like it, the software designer’s goal was not to confuse and frustrate you. As you move between multiple tools that do the same task, you start to see the commonalities and the differences between them. With minimal initial investment and a scalable month-to-month contract, it is easy to see how the benefits of an automated time and attendance tracking system means huge savings for your business. This resulted in long lines not only at the start and end of each shift, but employees also had to wait to punch in and out for their meal breaks. As a result, the company in Chino had to pay a hefty amount of $1.3 million in penalties and back wages. Below, we have outlined a four-step plan that can be helpful in finding the right HR system for your organization. But by trying lots of new tools you will develop a far deeper understanding of what software is all about, and your technological fluency will take a supercharged leap forward. To think, had they only invested in a few more punch in stations, they could have been out hundreds of dollars rather than a million plus.

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