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A two-week academic planner will give you a detailed picture of each week’s activities on one page. I deliberately chose to do my PhD as a follow-on from the work I’d done for my Masters dissertation, which in hindsight was clearly a smart move, as I would definitely have struggled with a new topic. I know that trying to achieve a work-research-life balance may never quite be realistic, particularly when work or PhD deadlines are looming. Time-management is a vital skill, one that will be necessary in your chosen career as well as in university.
Create a master schedule that indicates on a term or year basis when holidays, exams, reports, essays etc. Consider the purpose of the study task - if it is working on an essay, more time will be needed therefore schedule a block of time. Monitor and Evaluate: review what has been accomplished at the end of a day and decide if the schedule needs to be changed the next day. Schedule in rewards, for example your favourite TV programme after doing a task you were dreading.
To learn more please check out this blog post and make comments or ask questions if you need any advice!
Dear friends, lets take a short while to think about our most prioritised job at this moment - and I am sure, for most of us it is to complete the PhD within the stipulated time.
I’m not sure I fully considered what it would be like trying to do a part-time PhD at Warwick, when I live in South Manchester, and am a co-director of a business that means working all over the UK. You probably have a lot of things to do, so assess how important and how urgent the tasks are; then make sure high priority tasks get done first and are not put off on a regular basis.

Make the task as specific as possible - we tend to follow through then, especially if we write it down. If the purpose is for review, say to scan a text then make use of the odd half hours available. Again, at a regular time (for example last thing at night or first thing in the morning) plan your day taking into account your master schedule and the study goals for the week. Everyone has different needs; perhaps start with just organising study tasks for certain classes or only list your priorities. Time management is the stepping stone for the success and better it is managed, easier it is for you to reach your goal.
It brings one kind of mental peace and satisfaction if you are able to finish everything that you have planned to do in a day. Now lets make a list of other things that are distracting us by stealing our valuable time. For example, suppose you have agreed to submit an assignment to your superviosr by a certain date, but in the mid way of the assignment you realise that it can be improved if few more additional days are spent on it. The following are some time-management strategies that you may want to incorporate into your time-management routine. If you always study at a certain time or day then it will be easier to get into concentration mode. It might be prioritising immaterial issues, excessive time spent on networking sites and chatting, disorganisation, and also loss of concentration due to home sickness.
It is always better to do things perfectly even taking longer time, rather than making lots of repeated changes to what has been done imperfectly in haste.

Simultaneously we need to identify those people who do not put much effort but want to get their work done by you cleverly considering your time as their time. It can therefore be difficult to switch off from my busy work schedule, multiple paying clients and constantly delivering marketing and communications activity, and switch into a quieter reflective mode, focusing on reading and writing about the same subject. There are lots of study tasks that can be accomplished in short periods, such as reviewing main points of a reading or a lecture. Let these issues be discarded one by one until we are left with only one thing to concentrate at least for the time being to protect our valuable time. The art of managing time does include the art of saying "NO" in these cases, dear friends! It might be a good idea to start by monitoring and reflecting on how you currently use your time. Chatting, socialising, networking, hanging outs etc., have a tremendous role to play in maximising our productivity and improving our thinking power untill they are under our control. Please help them to realise that self-help is the best help, because they need this help urgently!

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time management student activities

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