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Ted Turner is one of this country’s most successful entrepreneurs, with a list of accomplishments that are unrivaled in modern times. Ted turned the family billboard business into a media empire by recognizing opportunities and learning from mistakes.
Ted has had some of the greatest ups and downs in business history, but the wisdom he gained has been put toward improving humanity and the environment. A dynamic and growing online personality on a mission to motivate, inspire and empower all women globally to be more bold, brave and beautiful! One of the most renowned and popular events, the TED 2016 conference, has started today in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
The Bluescape solution let’s the event participants engage and interact with the event in a new way.
Bluescape is a visual collaborative workspace designed to elevate your work, making it easy for individuals and teams to create, collaborate, and innovate on different devices.
From an early age, Ted learned the value of honor, integrity and hard work, which became the cornerstone of his identity.

As the owner of the Atlanta Braves, Ted turned a struggling team into one of the most successful baseball franchises.
For this special event that always draws hundreds of curious people to the event venue, Bluescape, a real-time collaboration solution provider, offers the audience a cool new way to interact with the event and the speakers.
They offer integrated solutions for virtual and augmented real-time collaboration and digital workspaces. The information is always available for them and they are able to add notes in the virtual collaboration workspaces.
You can leverage the communication enhancement of video conferencing together with elements of data visualization which can lead to a whole different level of working together and a work culture adaption like that will ultimately lead to the reduction of travel cost and increase productivity. Communication needs to be value-adding, physical distance needs to be virtually bridged and data needs to be available for all, anytime and anywhere. The solution is highly intuitive, allows for touch-input and can be used on large displays and mobile endpoints via app.
We’ve seen simple things like polling devices before but Bluescape gives a glimpse on how audience engagement could look like in near future.

They focus on cloud based service offerings and it is unclear if they also offer on-prem deployments, which are prefered for high information security environments. Many of these were also mentioned in the Gartner report Cool Vendors in Social Software and Collaboration from 2015. I like to share valuable insights, tips and tricks that teach people how to be more successful.
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time management ted talk

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