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Time management is the key to succes plain and simple. Isn't it amazing that one of the reasons you chose to take an online college program, or get your degree online, was to save time? As Cindy, who is a 47-year-old working mother with two adult children, ages 21 and 22, and getting her PhD online, found out.
I've been teaching at the college level since my early twenties, including an online introductory sociology course, and I know that the syllabus, a document provided at the start of a class that offers an overview of the course, is key. Write down the key due dates from the syllabus in one or more additional places that you will refer to regularly.
Instead of feeling overwhelmed, and wondering how you'll do it all, believe that you can do it all. For example, Heather, a 28-year-old who is married and the mother of a two-year-old daughter, works more than fifty hours a week as an information technology professional.
If you don't have a spouse to take over when you need to study, or an understanding boss who will let you do your readings on the job so you can have some uninterrupted study time, if you have dependent children, consider hiring a competent babysitter, or asking a trusted extended family member or friend for help.
There's also healthy take-out food you can bring home so you don't have to worry about what you'll prepare for dinner that night. It's easier to prioritize if you become more comfortable saying "no" to everything that you don't have to do that takes you away from your necessary commitments and your schoolwork.
Like the other online students that she counsels, Jennifer has had to learn to say "no" when she's also taking online courses. Putting off schoolwork till the last minute might describe a lot of students; don't be one of them.

It's self-sabotage because by doing something at the last minute you may not put forth your best effort since you failed to allow yourself the proper time management to read the required chapters, or to write and rewrite the necessary reports.
If you must procrastinate, do what I call creative procrastination in Creative Time Management for the New Millennium. Instead of going to the movies—feeling guilty the whole time because you really should be studying history—read over your notes from another class or make a dent in the research on your English term paper. Studying for too long a period of time can wear you down, but not studying long enough can leave you ill-prepared. Most of all, there is a calm that you will begin to feel as you become more focused and efficient, so you get more done in less time. With greater efficiency and planning, you will be less tempted to skimp on sleep, instead getting the hours that you need to replenish so you can work, study, and enjoy your leisure time (however brief it might be) in an alert rather than an exhausted state. This article will provide you with some proven time management techniques that hopefully will help you to get more done in less time. Read each syllabus thoroughly, familiarizing yourself with the expectations for each course to optimize your time management. Check those dates before you agree to any work, social, or personal commitments that could conflict with your school demands.
Heather, for instance, admits that her husband is a big help in the evening with their daughter Annie. Jennifer, 29, is married, working full time as an enrollment counselor for the University of Phoenix and getting an online degree in business administration.

You may also be decreasing the likelihood that you will get the excellent grades that you know you could and should be achieving if you weren't rushing (or turning projects in after the due date). Here's creative procrastination: Let's say you have to study for a history test and you keep putting it off. If you use a computer, back up to an external disk, a CD-ROM, memory stick, or a second computer. She explains: "I rely on my husband a lot to watch Annie in the evenings so I can get classwork done. You still get your history test studying done, as well as other necessary schoolwork, just in a different order. Printing out hard copy may seem old-fashioned, but if you lose your electronic version of your work, with a hard copy you can always scan it or make another copy.
A work and relationship expert, she is the author of numerous books including Creative Time Management for the New Millennium, which has been translated into Japanese, Russian, and Indonesian and co-author, with Michael J.

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