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Effective Time Management means working (and indeed living), with a sense of control and proactivity.
My Time Management training not only arms you with practical tools and frameworks for enhancing your time management skills, it also shows you how to replace any limiting assumptions and bad habits you have in this area with more empowering ones. At the age of fifty-one Katherine Hunter has run away from home, leaving behind a troubled marriage and financial woes. The most common time management problem facing people is that they react to pressures concerning time rather than being proactive and working towards long-term goals.

In this one-day workshop, you will identify and overcome barriers to effective time management issues as well as learn about proven time management and prioritizing skills which will help determine how much time, energy and resources are needed for specific tasks and workload. Note: This course is also presented as an in-company package, or at client preferred location. Events conspire and Katherine finds herself at The Bliss Retreat on the island of Lanzarote.
That sense of calm allowed me to clearly identify the truly important things to me and let go of unimportant things negatively affecting my life.

There she meets an array of colourful characters and a handsome artist who makes her question everything she holds dear. It wasn’t easy, but like most things that require hard work and commitment, was very much worthwhile.

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time management training singapore

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