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Do you want to improve your work life balance?Whatever time you invest to do so will pay you back many times over.
Once you know what your days and weeks consist of and youa€™ve given (and been given) some thought to whata€™s out of balance, ask yourself this crucial question:"What would I love to do more of?"More of the same? Related Articles:6 Tips for Managing Your Precious Free TimeHow to Be Assertive and Say No14 Work Life Balance Tips 3 Essential Strategies to Free Up Time for YourselfWhat is Work Life Balance? But I guess you want more time for some things and less for others -- thata€™s why youa€™re reading this, right?Make a list of the things you want to be doing more of. Exercise?

Less time to do, be or have what we love (which could and, ideally, should include work itself).How to do that? But maximum efficiency is achieved when you work at work and leave it there when you leave your workplace, wherever that happens to be. You may be shocked by what you hear, but ita€™s probably got at least a grain of truth in it.
You can, and probably should, include asking yourself!Build up a more accurate reflection of your current habits -- developing self awareness this way puts you in a better position to do something about those issues you want to tackle.

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time management work life balance

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