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A set of interactive lists, planners, schedules, and worksheets to help you manage your time and get more done. Time Management Worksheets is a set of interactive lists, planners, schedules, and worksheets to help you manage your time and get more done. As well as goal lists, to-do lists, and various schedules, there are also worksheets for identifying time wasters and brainstorming time savers.
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More than 80,000 people around the world use our programs to get rid of clutter, be more productive, take charge of business or career, and manage their life.
Testimonials"Because LGO maintains both comprehensiveness AND specific task-setting, it has enabled me to make sense of my messy life.

These are great for business professionals, students and anyone wanting to better manage their time to accomplish as much as possible each day.slide 1 of 4Becoming More EfficientTime management worksheets give you a strict guideline to help you stay on track to ensure you accomplish your daily, weekly and monthly goals.
The object is to complete the task in the time allotted so you can move on to the next task. These programs both work similarly by providing you a spreadsheet format to create custom time management worksheets. Both tools allow you to fully customize time management worksheets and you can print them whenever you need to. You can also keep them on your computer to provide records of past schedules to see how well projects are progressing.slide 3 of 4What To IncludeWhen creating time management worksheets, you must include space for all-important details such as date, subject, time slot and notes. The more you see on your time management worksheet, they more overwhelmed you may feel and the less effect the worksheet will be in managing your time.

The purpose is to help you better manage your time by setting realistic goals during set periods. For instance, between 8 and 9 AM, you may want to return all phone calls or emails from the previous day. However, if you know each phone call takes fifteen minutes and you have eight calls to make, schedule accordingly.

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time management worksheets for high school

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