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Bob Farley was a classic, sophisticated, caring, sometimes charming teacher and male role model in my early development who not only taught me how to calculate, but also how to be a human being. At an early age I learned to listen to the adults in my life and glean understanding from the experiences they had.
There is no doubt that one generation inherits both the successes and failures of the previous generation. It may not be included in the scope and sequence, and there may not be a standardized test designed to measure the wisdom that you impart to your students, but in my opinion, sharing your wisdom (and teachers are very wise indeed) is at the very core of our call to educate the future leaders of our world.
I’m not exactly sure why, but I can remember being a young student and loving to hear about the experiences of my teachers, the mistakes they made, and the lessons they learned. Bob respect his students enough to want to share his lifetime of experience with them and “teach them something.” And I learned a lot from him. Farley wasn’t the only teacher who devoted a part of his lesson plan to the lessons of life.
I want to make sure that the generation that I teach not only receives a well-rounded academic education, but also a strategy for living that includes wise decision-making. Taking advantage of an “educational moment” and sharing how a certain event changed our lives can sometimes have a larger impact on the lives of our students then when we teach them reading, writing, and arithmetic.

I learned that I never wanted to stand in the back of a flying aircraft behind a wall of glass shooting at other flying aircrafts. I have been fortunate to have many teachers throughout my scholastic career willing to share their wisdom with the students.
Not everyday, but from time to time I pause to share a lesson that I’ve learned and the experience that produced the lesson.
Bob loved to share his adventurous stories about the war and other experiences from his long life. But this approach to life is worthwhile and worth teaching to our pupils along with the “three r’s.” I hope the days of “don’t trust anyone over 30” are dead and buried and that today’s educators can make a concerted effort to not just educated the young, but impart wisdom to our future leaders as well. When I was a student in Bob’s classroom he was self-described, “older than dirt.” On days when we students didn’t want to work it was relatively easy to side track our beloved instructor by asking him to tell us about his life.
His commanding officer handed him a broomstick and told him to act like he was firing at the enemy planes. The family structure is being warped and twisted as our society struggles to find and redefine itself.
Nothing gets the attention of a sleepy group of youngsters quicker then an amusing recollection of someone who they admire concluding in a fable-like ending that clears up their foggy world, if only for a moment.

We share the wisdom that we have gathered by explaining how we got wise: we tell our stories. Violence, drugs, and predatory adults are invading the solemn ground of our campus at an alarming rate. One day he began class by saying, “Class, who was the world’s first stupid woman?” Being unable to stop my immature self, I stood up and responded, “Your wife!” The class was silent in anticipation of what would follow.
I knew what was coming next (it hadn’t been the first time I had spoken out of turn) so I picked up my backpack and head towards the principal’s office. I suggest taking a break from the standards from time to time to explain why standards are important and how your personal standards have changed your life.

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time management worksheets for highschool students jobs

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