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WHAT:  Workshop detailing strategies for organizing and managing your time more efficiently. Time-managers Cartoons and ComicsTime-managers cartoon 1 of 2Dislike this cartoon?'Don't be a clock watcher. It shows how to virtually "add" minutes to each day by forming a logical, prioritized sequence or "plan of action" that incorporates the use of symbols, notes, teamwork, clear communication processes, and much more. At the core of this training is the fact that we all get the same 24 hours a day, but how we use those hours greatly impacts our success or failure. The workshop focuses on setting priorities, using a day planner and learning to manage time well but Vincze said it also encourages students to consider deeper questions:  Where are you heading? Students receive a day planner, one that Vincze teaches them to fill out in 20 minute increments.

Vincze and Roberta Prior, GCC’s director of Student Activities and Leadership Programs, encouraged students to sign up for the workshop because the skills taught are that important.
Tijdens de workshop timemanagement kijk je naar een aantal werkprofielen, deze geven inzicht in voorkeursstijlen en drijfveren. Time Managing Cartoons and ComicsTime Managing cartoon 1 of 6Dislike this cartoon?'No, I still haven't gotten around to making my 'to-do' list yet.
Participants will explore how to tackle time head-on, learning how to prioritize tasks and address common daily interruptions Designed as a interactive training prog.during which participants learn from one another, they will gain the tools to use state-of-the-art time-management techniques to increase productivity and create a less stressful work environment.
It is part of the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs’ Academic Success Workshops. De bijbehorende valkuilen zijn concreet omschreven en daardoor gemakkelijk in de dagelijkse praktijk te herkennen.

Workshop activities focus on becoming proactive and using the planner to move toward the end goal. The time we spend each day not accomplishing what we want or need to accomplish can add significant stress to our business and personal lives.

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time management workshop titles list

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