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Ahora tienes dos titulos de Youda que te encantan en una sola descarga facil: Youda Fisherman y Youda Safari. Seguro de Garantia de compra: Garantizamos que cada transaccion que usted hace a traves de WildTangent estaran a salvo. Youda Survivor 2: Go back to the island where it all began and start a Time Management adventure that will change you… forever! You need JavaScript to play our online games.Please enable JavaScript in your browser and refresh this page. Uncover your grandfather’s secret in Youda Mystery: The Stanwick Legacy, an incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

Youda Mayor - New Time Managment Challenge - Play Games Forum: Casual Game Reviews, Previews, Tips, Walkthroughs, Cheats,Strategy Guides, Steals, Deals and Chat Corner! En Youda Fisherman construiras una flota maritima y las comandaras al administrar los recursos de tu puerto.
Help your befriended tribe face your common nemeses, once again, and retrieve a sacred talisman that’s gone missing.
Youda mayor is promising nine different areas that have their own flavor and unique challenges! Face time management challenges and enjoy colorful graphics and cute characters. Usa las invenciones de un cientifico para adquirir poderes increibles y erigir un imperio comercial inigualable.

Improve your skills to survive the transformed island and stop the danger that is lurking over the entire planet in Youda Survivor 2!
Haz que los visitantes conozcan monos desquiciados, rinocerontes rebeldes y simpaticos hipopotamos.

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time management youda games online

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