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The wind was howling outside and the cold rain was pounding down, but the family gathered in the RV were together and safe in the midst of the storm. I always appreciate when people ask me to share about what God is doing in the lives of youth through London Youth for Christ. Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program The London Talbot Toastmasters Club of London recently hosted an eight week public speaking and leadership program for high school students at the Youth for Christ building at 254 Adelaide Street. Offered in partnership with Towns of York Toastmasters, this 8-session program is a fun way to boost your confidence and develop leadership and public speaking skills that will help you for the rest of your life. 18 S4 and S5 students joined this 6-lesson program to learn the English public speaking skills.
Toastmasters International has put together a brilliant compilation of Public Speaking and Leadership knowledge, and packaged it for Teens.  I have been teaching the material to Middle School students at the Delphian School since January 2012. I want to pass on just a few Pros & Cons of teaching this program to Middle School aged students.
PRO: Although this program has been in place for a number of years, Toastmaster’s updates and modifications have truly made it a gold mine for teachers, parents and students alike.
CON:  The Youth Leadership Program can only be delivered by a trained Toastmaster and supported by a local Club. PRO: With Toastmasters Clubs peppered all around, you can contact your local Toastmaster group and ask them to deliver this program to your school or group of children.
As of 2011, there are over 13,500 clubs in 116 Countries with over 8,200 in the USA alone.  2012 statistics are not on the web yet. Though they are still required to write and deliver set speeches, I reduce speech time to 3-4 minutes.

Whether you Home School or send your kids to traditional schools, this program can help teach your kids the art of public speaking and give them basic leadership skills. YouthMUSE was created as an outlet for truly exceptional books, games and real life examples to guide and inspire children to discover their own super powers. Return to top of pageCopyright © 2016 · Don't violate my Copyright, my kid knows Kung-Fu!
What is learned ­ Lesson 3 Al ows the second group of participants to develop their  speaking skil s. What is learned ­ Lesson 4 Al ows the third group of participants to develop their  speaking skil s.
What is learned ­ Lesson 5 Al ows one­third of participants to present an advanced  speech, emphasizing a good organization.  Gives students more knowledge of chairmanship. What is learned ­ Lesson 6 Al ows the second one­third of participants to present an  “advanced” speech, emphasizing good organization and  using gestures. What is learned – Lesson 7 Al ows the remaining one­third of participants to  present an “advanced” speech, emphasizing good  organization and proper voice and vocabulary. What is learned – Lesson 8 Al ows participants to practice their newly acquired  speaking and chairmanship skil s. In 2015 we reached over 1,200 youth through a variety of programs and community development.
We arrived super early and therefore had 3 hours to kill with a group of frustrated and bored young men. The program’s unique eight-session, workshop-style design enables participants to develop this potential through practical experience.

The annual dues are very reasonable and opportunities abound to learn and grow as a speaker, no matter your age. If you interesting in "Youth Leadership" powerpoint themes, you can download to use this powerpoint template for your own presentation template. The Youth leadership program is designed to develop speaking and leadership skills for students ages 13-17.
For viewing only, you can play with our flash based presentation viewer instead of downloading the ppt file.
How many of us have driven up to an intersection and seen someone in the median, limping back and forth with a sign asking for help? I always enjoy spending time in the various ministries that go out from London Youth for Christ.
As she was telling me about their weekly meetings I said this is exactly what my students need for high school and college.
One of those is Streetlighth, a mobile youth centre that sets up downtown and allows us to come alongside several hundred at-risk youth. The carpet at the YFC youth centre had just been replaced in the main room and all the games and equipment were stored in another room while it was being installed.

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toastmasters youth leadership program calgary

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