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By influencing the listening ability of a person with the aid of a device called the Electronic Ear, Alfred A. These different observations have led to an educational approach for resolving learning and communication problems, and relationship difficulties. Bergen Pediatric Therapy provides all pediatric therapies in our nearly 5000 square foot Westwood NJ facility.
Interactive Metronome, a training program that helps children (and adults) overcome attention, memory, and coordination limitations. At Bergen Pediatric Therapy Center, our professionals work with your children to help create the best lives for them. To utilize a team centered approach by collaborating with physicians, therapists, and others involved in the child's care.

To be a resource to parents and provide a nurturing environment by catering to the physical and emotional needs of the family.
Our variety of skillsets and practices combined with our employees' passion creates an amazing environment for your children- you can even sit in!
It is especially concerned with the process of language integration, by concentrating on the relationship between speech and hearing. This is achieved by working on the listening function of the ear, and the role of the ear in controlling voice, language, attention and memory. It is possible to transform the voice through auditive stimulation over a certain period of time.
This benefit allows you to watch your child's progress step-by-step or for you to just check it out once to see how it goes.

Speech is effectively dependant on the ear, which is itself connected to psychological reactions. He has clearly demonstrated , by adhering to strict scientific principles, the neurological mechanisms which act on the audio-vocal system. These devices reproduce faithfully the Tomatis® Effect and contain several listening programs. The professional is able to choose which of these programs best fits the client’s needs based on assessment tests.

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tomatis listening training program

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