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Despite this rough start to life, Tony Robbins has become an inspiration to millions of people around the world via his motivational speeches, success workshops, and bestselling books. Tony Robbins often says that the way we frame the things that we want to achieve often defines whether or not we will achieve them. When people find a task or work that truly makes them feel happy and fulfilled, their power becomes magnified.
Not every dream works out, but that’s ok — as long as you know this is the case, and you’re not putting all your energy, time, and resources into one goal, you can still find success and happiness. To many people exhaust the official channels for getting something done, then just give up. Our agents write often to give you the latest insights on owning a home or property in the local area. It was the night before Valentine’s Day and what I saw startled me, but more than that, it made me sad. Grown men whimper as they desperately search for the perfect card that proves their love, hopefully without offending the recipient. The media bullies us into buying diamonds, flowers, new cars, and boxes of chocolates, or risk being labeled as a bad partner. Love is a constant, a thread that connects the Human Experience throughout the ages, like beads of a Mala. The Ancient Egyptians wrote romantic poetry that never fails to move me and fill me with wonder at the timeless beauty of the human heart.
The Ancient Romans celebrated Sacred Relationships with the Lupercalia, a celebration of monogamy. Throughout history, love has been objectified, moralized, monetized, confused, weighted with lead ingots of guilt, denied, vilified, sanitized, demonized, and turned into a strategy to sell products.
Ancient lovers experienced the same anguish and elation that we do now, as our descendants will for millennia to come. Love is a baseline of the human experience and without it, we lose our humanity and individuality. Love is the ability to share emotional honesty and be confident in the security of spiritual intimacy. We’ve all been disappointed and many of us have been fooled by what we thought was love. Even though it’s often an arduous task to find true love, every atom in me that believes that the search for it must go on and is more important than almost anything else we do. Change such events like Valentine’s Day from a dreadful obligation to an expression of joy.
Let us once again embrace the true message of true love, the Sacred Relationship, and not view it as a burden. He presents seminars and workshops around the globe, is an advisor to some of the biggest and wealthiest names in business, and has a net worth of nearly $500 million.

His father left the family when he was young, and he certainly wasn’t handed down success of any kind. If we only think of our objectives as “goals” or things we “should” get done, we’re not likely to make it.
His takeaway is that you hold the key to happiness inside yourself; find that key and you’ll be happy regardless of external circumstances. Your customers are the people who make your dreams possible, and the more you can do for them, the more you can express your care, the better they will reward you. Even though we cannot control the external world, we can control one thing completely: our mindset. You need to upgrade or use a different browser, such as Google Chromedrcyuueeyfedddf, to use this site.
Impulse buying is a big part of modern society and very little is as impulsive as buying a greeting card the night before Valentine’s Day.
Generations of insidious marketing tactics have convinced most of us that we have neither the time, nor the talent, to express ourselves from our hearts, so we pay someone else to do it for us.
Certainly, the greeting card companies have had a lot to do with this phenomenon, but it really isn’t that simple.
The irony behind all this is that when love is genuine and certain, no tokens are necessary, because hearts communicate to each other in a language as ancient as humanity itself. The connection of two souls, united in purpose, is the Alchemical merging of hearts, minds and incarnations. It weaves its way through every aspect of our existence, links us to our ancestors and to those who will follow us on this lovely planet. Their love was precious to them and they weren’t afraid to speak of the elation and pain that true love can bring. Wolves mate for life and Roman mythology proclaimed the Romans as decedents of Romulus and Remus, twins who’d been suckled by a she wolf.
Perhaps this was due to the romanticizing of Queen Victoria’s undying love for her husband, Prince Albert.
Their expressions of beauty, strength, devotion and insecurity are no different than our own.
Our lifespans are around three times as long as our ancestors and we live in a society where the divorce rate is staggering. Many of us have been betrayed, or have talked ourselves into a relationship that turned out to be more of a nightmare than a dream. This doesn’t necessarily mean seeking new partners, or being dissatisfied with what you have, but it does mean developing the happiness that you deserve and finding the love that you are capable of as a sentient, spiritual being. 15 Quotes To Keep You Motivated In Hard Times Fearless Motivation May 18, 2016 11 Powerful Benjamin Franklin Quotes on Leadership & Success.
Therefore, if you want to be happy, don’t put aside your goals and aspirations; instead embrace the hardship with the knowledge that happiness is the reward.

Even if you have a successful business, have an exit strategy: be prepared to sell and move on if needed.
The right mindset will see you through the most challenging situations; the wrong mindset will let amazing opportunities slip through your fingers. All information should be verified by the recipient and none is guaranteed as accurate by ARMLS.
On more than one occasion, while standing in front of hundreds of homogenized cards, none of them saying what I actually felt, I swore never to stand there again. Perhaps it has more to do with our insistence at quantifying, institutionalizing, and monetizing something as indefinable, ephemeral and sacred as love.
The fiery furnace of passion is the smelter for those who come together to unite as one Sacred Couple, individuals united by the Divine imperative.
The era not only raised romantic love to new status, but began a process that may have led to the beginning of a new concept, romance as a viable motivation for marriage, which became a standard during the Twentieth Century. Even in the midst of pure greed and self-serving philosophies, the Sacred Relationship can’t be tarnished.
It isn’t easy to find and maintain a Sacred Relationship that brings two people together. The ARMLS logo indicates a property listed by a real estate brokerage other than 10X Homes. Rather, it was looked upon as a blessing, a gift bestowed by the Divine as a sacred duty, rite and gift. In doing so, they gave others a chance to share a common bond of human feelings, a tradition that continues worldwide today through music and other arts. Monogamy and romantic love were not only a moral imperative, but a necessity to be civilized. Once you make progress you will then be encouraged to set higher goals and reach new levels of success. I always imagine a herd of gazelles, nervously drinking at a waterhole in the middle of lion country.
Revealing our passion reflects a heart unafraid of emotions and conscious of the value of life, grasping its beauty every day. Neither distance, race, gender, creed or status can diminish the truth of a Sacred Relationship. Love is not only sacred, it also is magical and to exalt it in words, or song, is to exalt the Divine power of love on Earth. It defies all worldly logic, for it is truly a product of our inner beings and our sacred duty to humanity and ourselves.

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